Sick Day Activity Tray

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We’re entering the sick zone! The sniffles will turn into coughs and days home from sick.  With the help of Children’s Robitussin® and my Sick Day Activity Tray, you can help your kids feel better! Your cough doesn’t stand a chance! (Use as Directed)


While I love when my kids go back to school (don’t judge me), the one thing I dread the most are the germs that come home. It’s inevitable. They are going to get sick. My youngest has asthma and is susceptible to upper respiratory infections and pneumonia so I have to keep an eye on him closely.

But it’s only a matter of time before he’s down for the count. And even though he can get super sick on paper, it doesn’t seem to phase him. He wants to go, go, go when he should be resting. So I have to kinda trick him into resting.


Enter the Sick Day Activity Tray!


I put this Sick Day Activity Tray as a way to get him to sit still (and let the Children’s Robitussin®  do it’s work!) but still keep busy. The possibilities with this activity tray are endless. He can use it to color.


Or spell out sight words. If you have magnet activities hanging around, they can do those as well. We have a build your own snowman magnet kit that I pull out in the winter. I honestly don’t care what activities he’s doing as long as he’s laying down and resting.

How to Make Your Own Sick Day Activity Tray

To make your own sick day activity tray, you will need:


  • metal cookie sheet
  • magnet letters
  • chalk
  • crayons
  • coloring sheets

Turning your cookie sheet into a chalkboard is super simple. Again, this step is optional. You don’t have to turn your tray into a chalkboard to make your own Sick Day Activity Tray.

First, gather your supplies: metal cookie sheet and chalkboard spray paint. Make sure your cookie sheet is metal! Try to stick a magnet on beforehand.


Next, go outside! It’s important to use the chalkboard spray outside! It’s stinky so you want to make sure you are in a well ventilated area.

Spray an even coat onto your cookie sheet. You are going to have to spray at least 2 coats of the paint but three is best.


(See, outside! Love that reflections of the trees in the paint!)

Let your tray dry for at least 24 hours. The paint needs to cure! Your Sick Day Activity Tray is now ready.


And the best part? This tray doesn’t have to be just for sick days. This is a great way to keep littles off devices and busy!


When you head to Walmart to gather up your Sick Day Activity Tray supplies, make sure swing over to the Pharmacy to grab Children’s Robitussin® to keep on hand!


How do you make sure your kids rest on a sick day?

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