Parents Need a Night Off, Too


Parents are lucky if they get a few minutes “off-duty”, let alone a few hours. One of the major roadblocks to a parent’s night out is finding a sitter.  Who would be willing to sit with the children for a few hours while we try to regain our sanity?  Back in the day, parents would flip through their personal phone book of neighborhood sitters, praying that someone would be available. But gone are the days of phonebooks! We want that information available at our finger tips at a moment’s notice. You want to schedule your sitter right now, right?

That’s where SitterScout comes in!

SitterScout is an online/mobile tool that works from any smartphone {or on your computer} to help book your existing babysitters {it’s not a sitter recruiting service} faster, by instantly contacting the sitters you choose – and enabling them to respond – via SMS. SitterScout can be used to schedule any of your babysitters, no matter where you’ve found them -whether it’s the girl down the street, or someone you found through an online sitter service.

You enter your sitters’ information {which is only visible to you}, then choose which sitters to contact when you need some time away. SitterScout then contact those chosen via SMS, and they can reply back with a simple text message to accept or decline. When a sitter accepts, the parent gets a text message letting them know immediately.

Parents can choose to invite their sitters in “rounds,” so their favorites get firstdibs, or they can contact everyone at once.

Sounds perfect, right?

Fortunately, we have family at our disposal for sitters. I added in those that are tech savvy {sorry, Mom} and sent out a request for a sitter for an upcoming adult-only birthday party we want to attend. I got a quick response from one of our family members and we now have a night out planned! It was seriously that easy.

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