Small Talk Six ~ Celebrity Crushes

Theme: 6 celebrities you had crushes on when you were a tween or teen

I was teeny bopper/tween/teen back in the late 80’s and 90’s. Man, where there a lot of choices when it came to heart throbs! And if you had trouble picking one, you could always turn to Teen Beat, BOP!, and Tiger Beat to help you out.

Joey McIntyre – What list would be complete without one (or two, or more) members of the New Kids on the Block. My heart belonged to Joey. When he sang Please Don’t Girl, he was singing to me. 

Mark-Paul Gosselaar – Who didn’t have a thing for Zach? He was the coolest of the cool. I still find myself watching Saved by the Bell when it’s on. That show has really withstood the test of time (even if the multiple spin-offs were crap).

Jonathon Brandis – Oh Jonathan, you left us too soon. I loved Ladybugs! It actually made me want to play soccer. Only JB would look hot in drag.

Rider StrongSure Ben Savage is adorable but it’s his bad boy side kick who’s the hottie. 

Joshua Jackson -I was ahead of the game and fell in love with Joshua when I first saw the Mighty Ducks. But the real crush was fueled when the world was introduced to Pacey.

Eric Lindros – I would be a complete sham if I did not include Eric. I was really into hockey during middle school and high school. And believe it or not it was because of this man. Hey, I couldn’t help it! I lived in Philadelphia and he was promised to be our golden boy (lies, lies, LIES!). I can actually remember where I was when the news came out that we had drafted him. I was on the beach in Atlantic City and the Fudgey Wudgey Man was broadcasting it up and down the beach. Just look at that face. How could not have a crush on him?

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  1. My comments are at my blog. Yours are good choices. I still crush on Mark-Paul Gosselaar!

  2. So awesome that you were able to find photos from how you remembered them when you were young.

  3. Joey and Rider! I totally forgot about them. LOL Thanks for the memories. Have a good weekend.

  4. Interesting list. NKOTB!! I was almost too old for them when they hit big. It was the end of the 80's and I was about to graduate high school.

  5. Fun list! I, too, adored Joey Mac. I saw NKOTB in concert last summer for the FIRST TIME and loved every second of it.

  6. Have to say you could have had all of these to yourself 😉 Funny how different ones appeal to all of us.

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