Small Talk Six ~ Dad Edition

Theme: 6 things you and your dad enjoy

Growing up, I was daddy’s girl. Well, more like a tomboy. My parents (and sister) like to joke around that growing up, I was the son my father never had. Whenever I got hurt, I cried for my dad. The thought of asking for my mom never crossed my mind. We were buds.

Being my father’s buddy meant that we spent a lot of time watching hockey. He is the reason why I love the game. A lot of my memories with him revolve around hockey. Like the time we both stayed up to watch the Flyers and Penguins play 5 over times (the game ended at 2:35 am). My dad happily called me out of school that morning. (Thanks Dad!)

Another thing that I have my father to thank for is my true love of Italian food. We used to visit the Italian Market once a month to buy fresh meats, cheeses, and pastries. It was there I learned what prosciutto, sopressata, capicola, and mortadella was. I was also introduced to Joey Bubbles who greeted us as we walked into the butcher.

Not only has my father instilled in me how to pick out good Italian food but he also taught me what good food was in general. Living in Philadelphia, you are surrounded by the best cheesesteaks in the world. I have to laugh sometimes when I see other cities advertise a Philly Cheesesteak. They get it wrong 99.99% of the time. I know a good cheesesteak when I see one.

My father and I also love to cook. He has always been the cook in the family. Don’t get my wrong, my mother cooks the majority of the dinners but they are your usual family dinners. My dad’s the one who prepares all the major feasts. He has taught me how to make a lot of our family’s “secret” recipes and I look forward to sharing those with E.

My father is not one to watch TV or get into television shows. But 6 years ago, I introduced him to a little show called LOST. And I had him hook, line, and sinker. I have enjoyed watching the show with him these past 6 years. When it started, I was still living at home. I spent a lot of my time holed up in my room but it was guarenteed that on LOST night, I was down on the couch watching with my dad. After I moved out, we took to calling each other during commerical breaks and emailing each other the next day to discuss what had happened. Now that it’s over, I miss those calls and emails. Looks like I’m going to have to get him hooked onto another show.

We also enjoy each other. Like I said, my dad and I are buds. There may be times that we don’t get along or things are taken out of context, but we get each other. We are so much alike that we are bound to butt heads every once in awhile. And boy do we! But we know despite our differences, we still love each other. And we always will.

Happy Father’s Day Dad!
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  1. It's great how close you are to your Dad! I hope he has a great Father's Day tomorrow!! 🙂

  2. This is a truly great post! Hope he has an amazing Father's Day. Sounds like you guys are very close.
    My father passed almost 7 years ago this year. I was definitely daddy's lil girl, always will be. I have the best guardian angel anyone could ask for.
    Stay Fabulous

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