Small Talk Six ~ Online vs. IRL

I haven’t participated in Small Talk Six in a very long time. But this week’s theme really hits home.

6 reasons why your online friends are better than
your in real life friends
Three years ago, I would have told you that you were nuts about meeting people on the interwebs. It’s too dangerous. The crazies hang out there. Someone weirdo will end up at your door!
But then I got pregnant. And I quickly learned why people hang out online and make “friends.” I have some really good friends that I have met online. They have made the cross over from online stranger to in real life friend. Even though I see them maybe once a month, our friendship mainly exists in cyberworld.
And here is why they rock.

There are always there. Day and night, one of them is always online. They help me get through the work day. They are there to commiserate at 6 am on a Saturday morning because their child also woke them early. No matter when and no matter how, they are there.

They get me. I met my “online” friends on a mommy board. They all have children around the same age as E. None of my IRL friends have children. And sometimes, they just don’t get it. But my “online” friends do. They understand all about tantrums, teeth, and toddlers. They are the first people I run to when I am in panic mommy mode. And most of the time, they know how to smack me through the computer and tell me I am overreacting.

We talk about everything. One thing about the internet is that you tend to lose your filter. TMI goes out the window and you discuss everything. EVERYTHING.

They have your back. We still post on the mommy boards. And we all know that if we post something controversial or flammable, they will be there to back you up (unless you are being a true whackadoodle).

You can turn them off whenever you want. No one will get mad if you don’t return their IM right away or answer your email. They understand that real life gets in the way and you will soon return ready to chat the night away.

You don’t have to worry about what you look like. Didn’t brush your teeth yet? They’ll never know. Still in your PJ’s? So are they. Have a rat’s nest for hair? Who cares! To them,  you are just a screen name. A bunch of letters and numbers you have strung together for the sake of having an online identity. And if you were smart enough, you added an avatar of you looking your best (most likely on your wedding day).

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  1. I love my online friends just like my in-the-flesh friends. And whenever I have the chance to meet blogging friends in real life, I take it.

  2. I just started so I haven't made any online friends yet. I've made some connections but not to the point where we'd met.

    But yes, I love online friends for the same reasons. It's hard to find people in real life that interested in the same things.

    Found you through SITS

  3. Found you via SITS and I'm your newest stalker.

    I love my e-friends, but I'm noticing that the dynamics that are apparent with my IRL friends are also manifesting with my e-friends as well.

  4. The reasons you met yours is the same reason I met mine. They all have kids the same age as my youngest and it is nice to see that you all go through the same things!

    Happy Saturday!

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