Snow?! Already?! Seriously?!

When I checked the weather for this weekend {like I do every week}, I was alarmed when I saw this.

Did you see it?


It is way to early for snow, for me at least. I know, in all actuality, it will not snow. Maybe there will be a little something mixed in with the rain. But it will not be true snow. No snOMG. No snomageddon.


I don’t even want to think about it.

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  1. Yeah really. Same thing up here in New England. Not happy at all. Too early for this nonsense!

  2. I won't even look at the weather because I can't deal with that yet. The snow will be here soon, and for WAY too long. I just want to put it out of my mind for a little bit.

  3. Ha. Too funny! We were having temps in the 80's then yesterday the high was 50. We had freeze warnings last night and today is going to be COLD. We skipped fall and went straight into winter in one day!

    Stay warm.


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