Someone Hold Me

See that ticker over there on the right? It’s counting down Baby Boy’s birthday. Yup, we decided on a date. Mark your calendars {but only in pencil, I don’t think I will make it that long}.

That is FOUR months from today, people.

This is me freaking out!

Four months is nothing. May 17th will be here before we know it. And there is still so much to do.

We made a lot of progress on the guest room that will be E’s new big boy room. It started off looking like this…

I am so ashamed. 
That room has been the official dumping ground for the past 2-3 years. Don’t know where to put something? Throw it in the back room. It was bad. Very, very bad. 
Six bags of clothes to be donated and five bags of trash later…
…it looked like this. 
I really should have taken another picture. The purple crate and wrapping paper container are gone!
Not completely done but it will only take about 15-20 minutes to get rid of the stuff on the bed. Everything in the dresser, gone. Completely empty. The closet? Housing baby stuff. 
I would say that’s one point in the progress column.

Up next? We will be hauling out that furniture and getting the room ready for E. We have his furniture already {my childhood bedroom set}. The basement is also getting a little makeover. We will be sectioning off a portion and creating a storage area {which is where everything in the guest room is going to be stored!}.

One thing I learned this weekend: I really need to take it easy. After cleaning most of the day Saturday, I spent the majority of the night on the couch calming down Braxton Hicks contractions {no fun}.

Four months people.

Four months to get all this done! Do we have enough time?


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  1. I am so curious to see your before pictures, but they won't show up for me…

    We have a catch-all storage room that I hope will be my daughter's room one of these years (this year!)… lol… I need to see your before pictures for inspiration!

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