Spring Cleaning: What to Do with Purged Items

Once you have your favorite tools to get organized while Spring Cleaning, it’s time to start purging. And, boy do we have a lot to purge! From toys to clothes to more toys, there is always something that can go.

While purging, there are a few different piles that I make: donate, consign, and sell. Hey, if I can make a little money while cleaning house, I might as well, right? As long as I don’t spend it on new stuff (that’s the hard part!).

spring cleaning what to do with purged items

What to Do with Purged Items


The donate pile is usually made up of clothes, shoes, and purses that come from my closet. We have drop off bins at many locations near our house. Every few months, I bag things up and drop them off! When Ethan was a baby, we also packed up sample formula that we couldn’t use and donated to our local women’s shelter. As I clean the pantry out, I also look for can goods that can be donated to the food pantry down the street.


You didn’t think I only shopped at consignment sales, did you? I also consign! I do really when I consign and make sure that I do it a few times a year.  You don’t only have to consign kids’ items! Check your local area for home good consignment sales as well!


There are a few places where I sell our unwanted goods. Books get taken to our local used book store. We don’t necessarily get money for our books but we do get store credit. It makes perfect sense to buy the boys used children’s books. Ben will just rip them anyway! Every time we go, we look through our books and take out books we don’t like or ones that we barely read. We always bring a bag of books to “sell” back when we visit. This means we always have a store credit and the boys can leave with a bag full of books! My wallet thanks me for that one.

I also do well selling on Facebook Yardsale groups. The key is to see what is selling currently in the group. And, just like with consignment sales, you want to make sure the things you are selling fit the season. I’ve done well selling kids’ clothes, outdoor equipment, and toys.

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