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Spring is finally here which means it’s the seasons of parties! It is going to be busy, busy, busy between baseball, birthdays, and celebrations. 

One of the things that I am doing this year to save me time and money is skipping the fancy, printed invites and going digital! Evite has always been my go-to for digital invitations. Evite offers free and premium cards that you can customize with your own photos and designs.

Most home entertainers and party planners believe that the party starts with the invitation or card. And they have a ton of designs to set the tone for your upcoming party! There are hundreds of designs to choose from and, if you can’t find the perfect once, you can always design your own!

What’s on our list?


Well, Easter is this weekend, which I kinda forgot about. I don’t know why I thought I had another week before Easter. But I don’t which means I have to busy planning Easter baskets and brunch.

Then we get a little break with the celebrations in April but it is also Baseball Season. With both boys playing this spring, I might as well just live at the baseball fields.


Then there’s May. Oh May, so many wonderful (and busy) things happening in May! Up first we have my oldest’s communion. We are starting off May with a small get together with our family and close friends after this special mass. 


Then, we have Mother’s Day! I have no idea what our plans are for that but I am sure it will involve a brunch or two visiting all of the moms in our lives. 


The following weekend? Well that would be my youngest’s birthday. This year, he is having his own birthday party! In years past, the boys have had joint parties since their birthdays are so close together. But not this year! This is Ben’s last year in preschool before he heads off to Kindergarten (I know!) and he wants to have a party with all his friends. And so we are! 

After that party, we have a little break in the celebrations. But then we close the month with Ethan’s birthday! Since he is having a communion party, we are just doing a low-key birthday party (probably going to the movies with friends). 

Does all that make your head spin? Welcome to my world! But at least I have the invitations under control!

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