Stay Dry at Bedtime

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In just one short week, my youngest will be 5. I can’t believe that we are already at this point with him. I swear we just brought him home from the hospital yesterday. In these past 5 years, we’ve hit some pretty remarkable milestones. First step. First words. Potty Training with GoodNights. Kind of.

When it came to potty training, Ben was pretty strong willed. He was gonna do it when he was good and ready. So we started. And stopped. And started again. Until finally, one day, it all clicked for him.

While we have the day time potty training down pat, we are still struggling with staying dry overnight. While I know he’s still on the young side to be concerned about bedwetting, it’s frustrating for all of us. After all, 1 in 6 kids age 4-12 wet the bed once or more per week after potty training ends. But he wants to stay dry over night. He doesn’t want to have to wear a “diaper” to bed. But his body is just not ready. At night, your child’s bladder doesn’t wake his or her brain in time to use the bathroom.

stay dry at bed time 2

We tried ditching everything altogether last week. Worst mistake ever. Every morning, he would wake up wet and annoyed that he had to hop in the shower to clean up. And I was annoyed that I had yet another load of laundry to do. This past week was my proof that his body just isn’t ready to make it through the night. Children can’t control bedwetting. It can’t be trained away, rather they outgrow it.

And that’s ok. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

To help him stay confident, we’ve put together a Stay Dry at Bedtime Basket to keep him motivated. We are no longer pushing staying dry completely and, instead, helping him with comfort and confidence.

Stay Dry at Bedtime Basket

stay dry through nighttime-3

First start with extra sheets and extra pajamas. Keeping extras of both sheets and pajamas in the basket make it easier to change and remake the bed in the middle of the night in case of an accident. This makes it seems like it’s not a big deal. We change and get right back to bed. Make sure you run them into the bathroom before heading back to sleep.

stay dry through nighttime-9

Next, you are going to need GoodNites TruFit Underwear and GoodNites Bedtime Pants. Since we aren’t focusing on not wearing just underwear to bed, we keep both GoodNites Bedtime Pants and TruFit Underwear on hand. We’ve been using the Bedtime Pants for a while now and love that they help him maintain a sense of privacy and self-esteem until he outgrows bedwetting.

stay dry through nighttime-4

We’ve recently switched over to the TruFit Underwear, after my son expressed not wanting to wear  a “diaper” to bed. The TruFit underwear looks, feels, and washes like real underwear with outstanding Night Time Protection. The Soft fabric underwear works with a disposable protection inserts to keep sheets and PJs dry all night.

stay dry through nighttime-7

Make sure you add a flash light to your basket. One of the things I like to do during a night time changing is to not disrupt our sleep any more than needs to be. By having a flashlight or small light handy, I can avoid turning on all the lights in the room so that everyone goes back to sleep easier.

stay dry through nighttime-5

This step is optional but you may want to add some Big Kid Undies. Even though we aren’t pushing bid kid undies at the moment, I want Ben to know that they are always an option. So when he is ready, they will be there waiting for him. 

stay dry through nighttime-2

Finally, you’ll need stickers. Because what kid doesn’t like stickers! Not to reward for staying dry all night. Just because he’s an awesome kid!

stay dry at bed time 1

By having a basket prepared, I can stay calm during a nighttime accident. Staying calm will help ease embarrassment and help my son know that this isn’t a big deal. Regardless of how frequent bedwetting is in your house, it’s best to stick to a routine so that everyone knows how to deal with the situation.


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