Stream of Conscienceness

It’s Sunday night. The most dreaded night of the week for me {and I’m sure most of you}. I actually feel semi-depressed once the clock hits 5 o’clock. The remaining hours until my bedtime seem to fly and nothing I want to do gets accomplished.

The alarm clock will go off way too soon. That noise will catapault me into the work week. Five days that I will spend dreaming of what the weekend will bring.

Five days that I will sit in front of a computer willing the clock to hit 4 pm.

Five days that will take forever to pass.

If I am lucky, the days will fly. Unfortunately, I don’t have many lucky days.

The days that will fly will be the ones that I long for all week long. In the blink of an eye, the weekend will be over and the Sunday night blues will take over.






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