Stream of Conscienceness

As much as I have been complaining for the past few weeks about baby boy’s constant moving, I really do love it. I feel like it is our secret…our bond.

So far, I am the only one who can feel him move and kick and flip around. At times it can be painful, but it is nice to have the reminder that he is there and doing ok.

I love playing “games” with him. If I tap my belly, he responds back with a kick. If I drink something cold, he does a little dance. When I eat anything sugary, he dances a lot.

Our secret little language.

It’s like he’s trying to tell me his likes and dislikes already along with his sleeping pattern {if it turns out to be true we are in big time trouble}. It’s a feeling you wait and wait for. When it finally happens, you are so happy. That happiness turns into relief, knowing that your little guy is ok and is quite happy in there.

I’ll miss him moving around when he’s here. I’ll miss our little moments together.

Just don’t expect me to stop complaining about it.




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