Summer Safety Tips for Toddlers

Summer is a time for everyone to have fun. And with summertime, comes warm weather and that means toddlers are more likely to spend their days outdoors. But you need to make sure that your yard is safe for your toddler to play in. Here are some great summer safety tips to keep toddlers safe.

summer safety tips for toddlers

6 Summer Safety Tips for Toddlers

1. Barbecue grills are a large part of summer outdoor activities. You teach your toddler not to touch the stove and you need to do the same thing will the outdoor grill. Teach your toddler that a grill is hot and is not to be touched. Even when the grill is cold, the ashes from the charcoal can still get in your child’s eyes. It is also important to keep things like lighter fluid, charcoal and grill utensils out of reach.

2. Lawnmowers are very dangerous tools when young children are around. When you are mowing the lawn, you can’t hear when a child is behind you or next to you. If a child is running up next to you, they are the perfect objects for things like sticks and rocks being thrown from under the mower. If you have a shop or basement where you keep power tools, keep them out of reach of toddlers or do not left them in that area.

3. Deck areas that are equipped with stairs are a hazard for children. Install rails so children can hold on when climbing stairs. Deck and stairs are very slippery when wet so be sure toddlers don’t run in these areas.

4. Swing sets are a fun place for children to play. But they can also be a hazard if not installed properly. Be sure to check all bolts, screws and fittings. To ease the impact of a fall, place wood chips or sand around and under the swing set.

5. If you have a pool, you need to be extra cautious of toddler safety. Toddlers can drown in an inch of water so even if you have a kiddie pool, be sure to carefully watch toddlers at all times. If you have a kiddie pool, empty it out when not in use. If there is a fence around the pool area, make sure it is locked when the pool is not in use. Never ever leave a child unattended in a pool.

6. Even if you have a fairly safe neighborhood, never let an unattended toddler in the yard for any length of time. Even 2 minutes is enough time for someone to either take the child or for the child to wander off. The best thing to do is to put up a fence around the yard with a locked gate. Even then, never leave a toddler alone.

There are so many dangers in the summer time outdoors, but with these safety tips, summer can be fun for your toddler!

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