Summer Schedule for Kids

Keep a little bit of order and routine without sacrificing the fun of summer with this summer schedule for kids!

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to start planning how to keep your kids engaged, active, and entertained during their break from school. A well-structured summer schedule can provide a sense of routine, help children learn new skills, and ensure they make the most of their time off. 

On the days where it looks like Lord of the Flies, well, it looks like Lord of the Flies. There’s meltdowns, tears, fighting, and way too much pre-teen attitude. And, since our normal time at home has been extended due to the current world situations, it’s gonna be a long couple of months if we don’t get it together now.

A few years ago, I sat the boys down to help me come up with our new summer schedule. I took their input and went with it. This meant I came up with a schedule that we all are on board for.

Do I think this schedule will last all summer? Of course not! The schedule is meant to be flexible. It is summer for crying out loud. I am not going to let the schedule dictate every day but it will help us on most days.

Summer Schedule for Kids

Set Goals and Priorities

Before diving into the specifics, take some time to identify your goals and priorities for the summer. Consider what you want your child to gain from the break, whether it’s learning new skills, staying active, fostering creativity, or simply having fun. By setting clear goals, you can tailor the schedule to meet those objectives and ensure a well-rounded summer experience.

Split the Household Chores

When I created this schedule a few years ago, one of my missions was to have the kids help out with the housework…without whining. My deal to them? The more they help me out around the house, the more time we have to do fun things!

Last year, I implemented some more Summer Rules. They were pretty straight forward and to the point. They helped establish a routine and expectations. And, for the most part, it worked!

Establish a Morning Routine

One of the best ways to kick start your day is to have a good morning routine. Again, nothing elaborate or fancy. Your basic morning routine to get things off on the right foot!

What does our morning routine look like?

  • Wake up
  • Eat breakfast
  • Get dressed
  • Morning chores

I have found that the mornings we don’t follow our routine are the days we find ourselves being super lazy. And that’s ok too! We all need those days.

Have a Good Bedtime Routine

Even though my kids are a bit older, we still have a bedtime routine. Just like you need a structure in the morning, it helps to have one at night too.

Here is what our bedtime routine looks like:

  • Shower
  • Put on comfy pajamas
  • Ditch the technology 
  • Read a book 
  • Go to bed

Embrace Outdoor Adventures

Summer is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy nature. Dedicate specific days or times for outdoor adventures such as hiking, biking, swimming, or playing in the park. Encourage your child to explore the natural world, learn about plants and animals, and appreciate the beauty of their surroundings. Outdoor activities provide physical exercise, fresh air, and a break from screen time.

Schedule Social Time

Summer is an excellent opportunity for children to build and maintain social connections. Schedule playdates, outings with friends, or even summer camps where they can engage with peers and develop social skills. Social interaction is essential for their emotional well-being and helps foster teamwork, communication, and problem-solving abilities.

Balance Screen Time

While it’s tempting to let children indulge in excessive screen time during the summer, it’s important to find a balance. Include dedicated screen time slots in the schedule for activities like educational apps, age-appropriate movies, or video games. However, limit the duration and encourage other activities that promote physical activity, social interaction, and creativity.

Allow for Unstructured Time

Remember to leave room for unstructured time in the schedule. Unstructured play and downtime are essential for children’s imagination, self-discovery, and relaxation. It allows them to recharge, explore their own interests, and develop independence. Whether it’s building forts, reading for pleasure, or simply daydreaming, unstructured time is crucial for their overall well-being.

Prioritize Rest and Relaxation

Summer can be an exciting and busy time, but it’s important to prioritize rest and relaxation as well. Make sure to include designated periods for downtime, where your child can unwind, nap, or engage in quiet activities. Restful periods are necessary to rejuvenate and

If you are looking for things to do with your kids this summer, we put together a list of our favorite things!

Summer Activities for Kids

Never run of things to do with the kids this summer!

Free Printable Summer Schedule for Kids

Want a copy of your Summer Schedule for Kids? You can grab it by clicking here or on the picture above! 

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  1. That’s great! I’m making a schedule for me and my boys too. Since I don’t do well with the crafty stuff, our schedule will be getting out of the house adventures. I’ll be doing a post about it next week. I hope we can get together at some point this summer.

    1. Mychal, I have the same idea. Each day of the week is scheduled for a different outing that my kids love, but the same spots each week, so I can maybe catch up with friends in our favorite spots. Maybe we can connect.

  2. Love it! I’d much rather have theme days than hourly scheduling. Unfortunately, I need to allot some time for summer school work and practicing math facts. Maybe Friday and the weekend could be the days off.

  3. I need to allot some time for summer school work and practicing math facts. Maybe Friday and the weekend could be the days off. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I’ve been in denial that my kids will be out of school soon. I can’t believe that it’s June already! Thanks for these ideas. I will definitely be using some of these and that schedule is a great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Looks like so much fun. I love the Make something Monday’s best. Really wish I had more free time in my life so I could do more crafty things with the boys. Since I work a 32 hour work week Thursdays are my day off with the boys and we tend to get out of the house to do something fun. I think I will switch it up and do a few days at home making stuff his summer. Love the car wash idea….so fun!

  6. I’m trying to do theme weeks- so this week is the Circus, since it came to our town last night. We got Circus books from the library. Maybe today we’ll draw pictures of our favorite parts of the circus. My oldest is already trying to make up his own acts- so maybe we’ll incorporate that somehow. I find that when the activities I plan go with a theme it’s easier to come up with stuff and the kids are more interested in them than when I just pull out random things I think are neat.

    I like to stay home on Mondays. Our library story time is Tuesday- but we don’t go every week. I think we’ll do Wednesdays as a standing play date with friends. I want to try to get to either the Y or outside play time in the yard or a park every day. I am not currently very good at accomplishing that goal though.

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