How to Crush (and Survive) a Busy Fall Schedule

It feels like the first day of school just happened the other day. They say life goes by in a blink of an eye and as I get older (I hate admitting that), it’s really hitting me. I blink and my baby is now a 3rd grader, growing up into a young man. In a blink, we go from jumping into the pool to needing our winter jackets. And in another blink, we will be right back at the pool. It needs to slow down.


But I am to blame for some it. I will admit that I over-schedule us. I like being busy. That is, I like the thought of being busy. Being busy means we are off doing something and not sitting around just staring at each other. And when we are busy, I long for those lazy weekends.

For the moment, I am totally in the middle of being busy. And that’s okay. In a week, baseball and soccer will come to an end and it will be too cold to play outside. I often hear from friends and other moms, “I don’t know how you do it. You are so on top of everything.”

That couldn’t be further from the truth. On the outside, it may look like I am crushing it (and in some aspects I totally am). But if you took a peek inside, you would see the pile of laundry, a sink full of dishes, and a bathroom that should have been cleaned a long time ago.

But let’s get back to crushing it. How do I do it? Well, I have a few things in my arsenal that help me keep it up!


First, it would be a joke if I didn’t put coffee as my number one thing. It’s no surprise that my life runs on coffee. But it’s more than just the coffee. It’s the cup. I need a cup that can take me from working at my dining room table to stuffing folders at the elementary school to cheering on my boys while sitting on the sidelines.


That’s where Dixie® To Go cups come in. This time of year, I find myself grabbing for them more times than not. Because I know I need to take my coffee on the go. And I can do that knowing that it won’t spill on me thanks to Dixie’s leak-resistant lid & insulated layer.


Once I am properly fueled, I find that planning my day out works the best. As I am drinking my coffee, I do a bullet list in my planner of all the things that need to be done that day. A brain dump. No matter how mundane or simple the task (like taking a shower, hello), it goes on the list. As I crush it and get things done, I cross them off. The act of simply crossing off a task makes you feel like accomplished something huge, no matter how small the task may be.


Another trick is putting my life into binders. Everything I am involved in has a binder. This is especially handy when I have to head to meeting. I can grab the binder and go! There’s a binder for Home & School, the kids’ school work, for the blog, and our home. Binders for everything!


If you find that your life is constantly on the go like mine, I have found that if I keep my essentials in a tote bag by the front door, I can grab and go. I never know when I may need to help a neighbor out or sit at the doctor’s office with a sick child or just want to get out of the house and work at the local coffee house. By having everything on hand, I can grab my coffee and head out the door.


And, finally, after a long day of crushing it, you need a break. A minute to unwind. I have found that doing a little bit of coloring helps clear my mind and help me relax. Because when you are busy crushing it all day, it can be hard to turn it off!

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