Take Me Out to the Ballgame…

…and possibly get sent to jail. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m not really a huge fan of baseball. But when I do go to the games, I like to enjoy them (especially the Phanatic, god help the person who prevents me from seeing the Phanatic). Well, last night’s game was not enjoyable.

It wasn’t dollar dog night but the drunk college kids were out in full force. I swear they were bombed before the first inning. I was really embarrassed for these kids: falling all over themselves, standing up during the entire game (I’m not exaggerating), acting like idiots, crying when they got thrown out (tee hee). It was really annoying. I think my number one pet peeve (there’s more on this coming soon by the way) right now is college kids. I can’t stand them. And yes, I am lumping them all together so I’m sorry if I have offended any of you normal kids out there.

Finally, the security guards caught on (from our yelling and screaming) that these kids were getting on people’s nerves. They asked them numerous times to sit down and behave. After a careful inspection for their tickets, come to find out they are sitting in the wrong place. And so the musical chairs begin and once again, we can’t see the game. Another inning goes by, more yelling for these kids to sit down and our favorite security guard (I wish I found out her name) walked over and addressed the group. “I am sick of babysitting you kids. One more time and you are out of here (in her best Harry impression)!” Of course, they start back talking and surely enough, one by one, they were out of there. We could watch the game…just in time to see them lose (thanks J-Roll).

We did see some famous people: Danny Tanner, Donna Reid, Tammy Faye Baker and the Indigo Girls. Sorry, I’m a people watcher and I always have to give them a name. :0)

All in all, it was a good game. We had fun heckling and the Phanatic was super adorable (how can you not love a mascot who Irish dances?). Oh and we got a free hat! So that makes it all better.


Now on to the pictures…

















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