Taking Care of Your Keurig

It’s everyone’s worse nightmare. You go through the steps of getting your morning coffee ready in the morning. Pop your K Cup in. Load the water. Place your cup underneath. And, then it happens.


Your precious morning brew doesn’t BREW.

That was me a few weeks ago. After I picked myself up off the floor and crying all the tears, I was determined to fix this thing myself. One thing.

I needed my coffee to even begin to understand the directions. So I did what everyone else would do. I gave up and hit Starbucks. For two weeks, I gave up on reviving my beloved Keurig. And then I broke down. I called the wonderful customer service at Keurig to help me fix my broken brewer.

And you know what happened?

I fixed it! If I could have jumped through the phone and kissed the customer service rep, I would have.

While on the phone with Keurig, I learned a few things to help keep my brewer in tip top shape.

Taking Care of Your Keurig

taking care of your keurig

1. Descale your Keurig often.  This was something I rarely ever did. Now that I know life without my Keurig, I will be descaling my baby on a regular basis. The Brewer should be de-scaled every three to six months to ensure optimal performance.  And it’s so easy! Just run undiluted white vinegar through your brewer and rinse. The hard part? You have to wait 4 hours before using it. Best to do it before bed so that it’s ready to go in the morning.

2. Only use coarsely ground coffee grinds. If you use the refillable K Cup like I do, don’t make this mistake. You want to use coarsely ground coffee grinds. If you use a fine ground, your needles will get clogged {which was my problem!}. 

3. A paperclip is your best friend. If you find that your needles are clogged, a paperclip will be your lifesaver. Clean out your needles {the top one has 3 holes!} with the paperclip to get all the gunk out. Run water through your brewer to push it all out.

4. Take the K Cup out. After brewing, take the K Cup out. I was told leaving the used K Cup inside the brewer will cause it to clog.

If you follow these simple {and easy} steps, your Keurig should run in tip top shape! And if it doesn’t? Maybe it’s time for an upgrade!

Do you have  a Keurig tip? Share it in the comments!

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  1. Thank you! If I may add, REGISTER your Keurig! It’s really easy online and it will save you a lot of headaches if it goes belly up.

  2. I always feel a little deprived that I don’t like coffee – Seeing as how so many can’t live w/out it! However I really want a Keurig – for the tea and hot chocolate (and coffee for guests of course). They really are an awesome product!

  3. Mine is going on 2 years, with zero descaling, so it’s probably time 🙂 But it’s true, I never leave the KCUP in there, so that’s probably helping. Great tips, thanks. And I’ve heard their customer service is excellent!

  4. Yay for coffee! Great tips…I’ll have to get my husband onto the descaling task in the next few days!

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