Ten on Tuesday

I have seen Ten on Tuesday floating around and I kept meaning to jump in. It’s perfect for my randomness. Now onto the list.

1. Today was silly hat day at E’s daycare. I wanted him to wear this hat.

(Since I get asked a lot, you can find this hat at IKEA.)

But, alas, I could not find it (shocking!). Instead he wore this hat…

…which made him very happy. As soon as he walked in the door, the older girls were screaming “Oh I love his hat!” and “He’s so cute!”. My son, at the age of 2, is already the ladies’ man.

2. I’ve meaning to spread the good word about my new favorite product…strap tamers! I have really round shoulders so no matter what type of bra I’m wearing (unless its a sports bra), the straps fall down. I am always looking like a fool picking my straps up. Enter Strap Tamers!

I found them at Target (surprise!) for about 5 bucks. I have been wearing them almost every day and have not once had a problem with them.

3. My caffeine addiction has reared its ugly head…again. I was doing so well. But honestly, I just do not feel like myself without it. And that, people, is why I am calling it an addiction. I’m not back to drinking it every day and I’m hoping to keep it “controlled.”

4. On July 30th, I will have the house to myself…ALL WEEKEND! The hubster is taking E back to the ‘Burgh for a family reunion. I can’t go because I have sessions booked for that weekend. So instead, I will be shooting at the wonderful Longwood Gardens and the treating myself to a Girls’ Night In complete with manis, pedis, and our favorite alcoholic beverages. Can you tell I’m a little excited?

5. Speaking of sessions, if you are in the Philadelphia Tri-State area, and are crazy enough to be thinking about Holiday cards, I have posted my Holiday Collections over on the photography blog.

6. I didn’t make as much progress as I wanted on my 50 in 2010 list over vacation but I did read a little! I have read 16 books. With only 5 more months left, I have to read 34 books!  I don’t think I’m going to make it!

7. On Friday, I received the greatest little swag bag in the mail! I wasn’t even expecting it. I want to thank MOM Magazine for putting it all together. The bag was packed with products that I love and ones that I have been meaning to try along with gift certificates to amazing online stores. My favorite was the gift certificate for Lisa Leonard Online. I ended up getting this necklace.

How appropriate for me is that?! I can not for it to arrive!

8. Another product RAVE! I was sent the All Terrain Family Camping Kit. I love these products! We didn’t go camping but I used these products while we were on vacation. The bug srapy works really well and smells delicious! I loved that it didn’t have a harsh chemical smell. I was so excited when I saw that my Target was carrying their products.

9. There’s only 5 spots left over at A Grande Life Goodies for introductory pricing! Once those spots are gone, prices will go up.

10. A shameless little plug…go vote for me over at Top Mommy Blogs!

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  1. Stopping by from SITS and the 31DBBB thread. I LOVE the idea of a weekly list to tie up a lot of the loose ends. I know a lot of time I have snippets I want to post, but nothing blog length. What a great idea.

    I got a Lisa Leonard necklace for Mother's Day. It's beautiful. I love mine and I bet you'll love yours too!

  2. That necklace is adorable! Enjoy your girls night in- that sounds like so much fun.

    And of course I'll vote for you.

  3. Fellow 31DBBBB here. Love the site! The design is great (I'm a coffee addict myself.) I love the Tuesday Ten idea… I thought it'd be a "10 Reasons to.." or "Top Ten…", but it's just ten random thoughts. That's such a great way to give readers a snapshot into your blog and writing style. I really like it!

    p.s. The necklace is beautiful. I love the 50 book goal. I've got a stack to conquer myself!

  4. What a fabulous package you received! That's so cool!

    I love his little hats and cute lil grin!

    Strap Tamers are on my list to buy. Really, I just wrote it down!

  5. I just started a caffeine addiction…I'm only drinking a cup a day, but I totally get what you mean. I'm way nicer after I've had my fix in the morning. 🙂

  6. Love the hats…the first one especially! And those strap tamers…I def. need some!

  7. Those hats are so cute! The strap tamers look awesome, I'm going to have to check those out!

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