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2. I am on a roll reading-wise. I finished up Hit Reply and I am currently reading Emily’s Reasons Why Not. Hit Reply was actually a fun read. No chapters in this book. The story is told through a series of e-mails and IM conversations. Very clever! I have now read 19 books for my 50 in 2010. At the rate I’m reading, I just may make it (maybe).

3. Friday, we went to Hershey Park with my family. 6 adults, 3 children. Everyone had a blast! There weren’t any meltdowns, tantrums or tears! We are already planning on going back one more time for the season.

4. Did you check out the wedding pictures I posted yesterday? No?! Why the hell not? I am going to take the opportunity to not be modest and say “I rocked the shit out of them.”  I have another wedding coming up on October 2nd and I can’t wait to rock that one as well.

5. Yesterday we went to my BIL’s for a little cookout and I was in charge of bringing a dessert. I was going to make something but didn’t know what to make. I was at the grocery store and decided to be lazy and buy something. I got an angel food cake, strawberries, and Cool-Whip. It doesn’t get much better than that.

6. We have been eating out way too much lately. I use to meal plan weeks at a time. But lately, I just haven’t been into it. But I know I need to. It really helps us saving money in two ways: 1. we don’t eat out and 2. I can plan our menus with the sales. I need a swift kick in the ass to get me going again.

7. I still have a little writer’s block so if there is a topic you would love to read about here, let me know and I’ll get right on it!

8. I went the whole week last week without coffee. It was torture. I had withdrawl headaches and was so freakin’ tired. Why do I put myself through that? I finally had some on Saturday and it was glorious!

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