Thank You Captain Obvious.

{Picture it} Me holding a screaming Benny trying to get him settled down.

{Hear it}

E: Mom.

E: Mom!

E: Mommy!

E: Moooommmmmm-ieeeeee!

Me: What?!

E: Bensamin’s crying! Get him his binky mom! He’s crying!

Thanks buddy! I wouldn’t have known what that noise was or what to do without your help.

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  1. One of my pet peeves with Nate is I go into the kitchen, get out his plate and start to make his lunch.

    I'm hungry!

    I know that's why mommy got the plate and is fixing you lunch.

    I'm hungry momma! I'm hungry!

    No way? Is that why I'm making you lunch?

    Grumble, grumble…I'm hungry.

  2. LOL! This made me laugh out loud. My good friend and blog partner recently had her second child…who is colicy and hence, cried incessently. Her two year old daughter has taken to "reminding" her each time he cries by repeating over and over, "oh no, mama. baby cry."

  3. All I thought of was the Family Guy! Then as I'm laughing, my 2 year old started screaming "Mommy" in the background. I guess they all do it!

  4. LOL! Too funny! My older boys would always tell me that the baby was crying, when I was holding the baby in my arms.

    Thanks buddies. I had no idea!

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