The Big Toy Book’s #BTBBabyPalooza

I had the opportunity to attend the Big Toy Book’s BabyPalooza and received a swag bag.

Big Toy Book Baby Palooza

Last weekend, I headed to New York City with some local Philadelphia bloggers {Stephanie, Devon, and Lauryn} to attend The Big Toy Book’s Baby Palooza! The trend for this year is safety! Safety trumps any trend and you could see that with all of the great companies present at the event.

Delta Children

 baby palooza delta children

Delta Children is dedicated to safe sleep! The Delta Children brand, which has 8 product test facilities worldwide, has made it their mission to educate families nationwide with tips on how to create the safest sleep environment for all infants and children. We can all sleep more soundly when we know that we are working with trusted partners who care about family!

First Years

Big Toy Book Baby Palooza

The First Years Car Seat by Tomy has state-of-the-art digital upgrades that provide parents with the latest technology and the convenience of digital communications that they have come to expect from today’s products. This car seat is seriously one of the coolest things! The First Years True Fit iAlert Convertible Car Seat is the first mobile-synched car seat. The seat uses a connection to your smartphone and monitors “four key safety areas including installation angle, unattended child alert, child out of seat alert and temperature check”.


Big Toy Book Baby Palooza

The InnoTab Baby and InnoTab 2S by VTech is the perfect tablet for toddlers and preschoolers. It offers life-readiness skills, educational elements and entertainment. These tablets, designed with age-appropriate activities, and parental controls give kids a safe hands-on experience with interactive digital technology, where they can play and learn in a safe environment. Ben has not put this thing down since I brought it home! More on this one to come.

Cloud b

Big Toy Book Baby Palooza

If you have a young child,  chances are you have a Twilight Turtle! This was one of Ethan’s favorite things early on. The Twilight Turtle provides comforting sounds, lights, and lullabies to soothe baby to sleep. Cloud b has also introduced the Twinkles to Go. These are perfect for traveling in hotels or beach houses!


Big Toy Book Baby Palooza

MegaBrands has been testing their products across multiple age groups for years. They have documented, and shown through research, that construction toys provide the building blocks for math, logic, and language skills. Both the First Builders and the New Barbie playsets for girls encourage both hands-on building and developing hand-eye coordination and critical-thinking skills, as children learn to click each brick into place.

2013 is the year to be Safety Smart, Parent, Smart, Technology Smart, and Baby Smart!

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