The Pom Pom Jar {Reward Jar}

When it comes to discipline and setting expectations for the kids, we have implemented a few strategies.

  1. Sticker chart
  2. The prize box
  3. An iPad app
  4. The pom pom jar

Reward System: Pom Pom Jar

reward system pom pom jar

The pom pom jar is our latest technique. We started this technique after Ethan’s teacher started it at school. We made a big deal about the pom pom jar. I took Ethan to the craft store so he could pick out the pom poms and stickers to decorate his jar.

reward system pom pom jar

We chose three sizes for our pom poms: small, medium, and large. We use the different sizes based on what we are rewarding. Clean your room? Get a large pom pom. Clear your plate after a meal? Get a small one.

So far this reward system has been working well. Of course, we didn’t leave Ben out. He has his own jar as well. Even though, he’s too young to fully understand the concept, he gets really excited when he gets to put a pom pom in his jar. And on the other hand, gets upset when he doesn’t.

reward system pom pom jar

One thing we do not do with the Pom Pom Jar is remove any earned Pom Poms for negative behavior. With a child like Ethan, this would just cause him to stress out over losing his Pom Poms and cause a complete melt down. This is not the objective of rewarding positive behavior. We use other techniques for negative behavior such as time-outs.

So what happens when the jar is full? You get your reward! Ethan had the greatest plan every for his reward.

He wanted to work towards getting a pet.

A puppy.

For his brother.

Which is adorable.

But so not happening.

Sorry buddy.

Instead, I stumbled on Busy Kids = Happy Mom‘s post about her Pom Pom Jar. When the jar is filled, she has coupons for the kids to pick out. Love this idea and, of course, I had to steal borrow it.

{source: Busy Kids = Happy Mom}

I made the following coupons: family movie night, sleep over in the living room {Ethan loves doing this}, you pick dinner, family bowling night, etc. When the jar is full,  Ethan {or Ben} can chose a coupon. The jar gets emptied and we start all over again!

reward system pom pom jar

What behavior reward systems work at your house?

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  1. Hmm…maybe I could use this for potty training? Dude could care less about stickers, but he loves poms!

  2. That is such a cute idea and something I really needed when my boys were younger.. Now I need a big stick to knock them upside their teen angst ridden the world hates me heads.. not really but ya know what I mean

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