The Vaseline Cold Weather Challenge

I participated in this sponsored campaign on behalf of Vaseline® and One2One Network. All opinions stated are my own.

While we have been lucky and the big snow storms have missed us (so far), it has been bitterly cold lately. We’ve also learned that our oldest has an allergy, wait for it, to the cold! THE COLD! He breaks out in hives when exposed to cold temperatures. Which means we are cooped up in the house a lot.

But there are days when you have to just get out…in spite of the hives and the cold. This past weekend, I took Ethan ice skating. Ice skating was a big part of my life growing up. No, I wasn’t an ice skater but my friends and I went ice skating almost every Friday night. That’s what happens when your friends are hockey players.


This wasn’t Ethan’s first time ice skating. I took him last year when we visited Gaylord National. But we haven’t skated since so he was a little hesistant to start.

Not bad for his first time ice skating! #christmasonpotomac #iceicebabyGN

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I’m not gonna lie. There were some tears. There was a little frustration. But, what I really saw was determination. He was determined to get the hang of this. He was determined not to give up.


After two hours, a few breakouts from the cold, and some tears, our first session of ice skating was over. I thought he wouldn’t want to do it again. Color me surprised when he asked when we could do it again! I’m hoping our next ice skating outing goes a little better. I love being able to share a love from my childhood with him and make new memories!


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