They’ll Be There. I’ll Be There.

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This quote has never been more relevant in my life than at this very moment. I could apply this quote in more ways than one.

It is a reminder to stop forcing relationships that aren’t just going to happen. Relationships aren’t a one way street. They require give and take. A little quid pro quo. But doesn’t it seem that it is those very relationships that we cling to the most. The ones that we work on the hardest. The ones that we desperately try to revive. And for what? Most times, for nothing.

But in the same breath, I am hypocrite. There are definitely relationships that I have let slide. That I just don’t work hard enough on. I need to shift my attention from the relationships that are negative and work on those that I really do need in my life.

I need to stop neglecting my friends.

I need to stop using the kids as an excuse. God knows there are plenty of people in my life that would be willing to watch the kids for a few hours so that I can get out of the house.

I need to keep the communication open. I shouldn’t let weeks go by without talking to them, even if it is only through Facebook or text messages.

I need to get my butt in gear. I don’t want to be the negative in someone’s life. No way, man. Who needs more negativity in their life?

I am hoping that in airing this out it will force me to take action. Walk the walk. Stand up and do something.

First up, get that Girls’ Night Out planned ASAP!

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  1. I am so with you! I find myself always being the one to make plans, make the phone call text etc so I took a hard look a few months ago some friends you'll have forever, some have to be let go…(IMO)

  2. I feel the same way, except I am the one trying to revive friendships and be there, when all I do is get kicked to the side. I might not be in the same "life" situation but that doesn't mean we still can't be close friends again.

  3. Thanks for the reminder that I need to keep up my end of the deal in the whole friendship thing. It's pretty easy for me to be a hermit, but that's not very helpful to my friends. Thanks for the thoughts!

  4. I luterrrally {I like to say it just like that to make myself sound ridiculous} just saw this quote yesterday and it was the perfect time for me to see it.

    Sorry some lune stole your .com btw, meant to tell you earlier.

  5. I so get this.

    After traveling, writing, processing photos, taking care of the kids, homeschool, volunteering, church, and on and on…some times? I just don't wanna!

    I need to step it up too.

    Nicely written.

  6. I can completely relate to you on this one. Looking forward to hearing about your girls night out. Such a necessary reprieve for us busy mamas!

  7. i posted on the same prompt. i feel a lot like you too…just got together with one of my girls last night and it was so nice 🙂

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