10 Things for Kids to Do When the Power is Out

For whatever reason, our neighborhood loses power pretty frequently so I always have to have some tricks up my sleeves. As soon as there is a threat for a storm, I start gathering all of the things for the kids to do when the inevitable happens.

The power goes out!

And not just for a few minutes! The iPads won’t work! Forget NetFlix! What are the kids to do! Oh the horror!

10 Things for Kids to Do When the Power is Out

10 Things for Kids to Do When the Power is Out (1)

I always have a few things up my sleeve to help pass the time when the power is out. From crafts to games to simply reading books, I make sure that we are ready to get through the power being out…together. It’s a great opportunity to get some quality family time in…in between bailing out the sump pump!

Spot It!: This is a family favorite for any time! It’s easy for every member of the family to play and it doesn’t take up a lot of space. I like to throw this in my purse when we go out to eat to pass the time while we wait for our food as well.


Shadow Puppets: The kids started doing this on their own the last time we lost power! They had a lot of fun trying to come up with new shapes and animals while the rest of us guessed.


Shadow Puppet Theater: Take your shadow puppets to the next level by making them a theater! All you need is a cardboard box (like  cereal box), scissors, tape, wax paper, and either straws, craft sticks, or skewers. Use a flashlight as your light source and get creative!

All About Me Book: Print out a copy of this book that the kids can fill out and color in. This free printable book is fun to do anytime but is also a fun way to document their experience.

All about Me Printable Book
Hangman: If you are going to make a Power Outage Boredom Buster kit, make sure you throw a dry erase board in there. It’s perfect to play Hangman on and even Tic-Tac-Toe.

Flashlight Dance: If it’s really dark, grab some glow in the dark sticks or necklaces and have a dance party! Keeping the experience light and fun will help the kids not get scared once the sun goes down.

Go on Treasure Hunt – What kid doesn’t like to play Pirates? I know mine does! When the power goes out, hide a favorite toy and draw a map to find the treasure! I can see this occupying him for a while.

printable treasure map

Read: It’s the easiest thing to do on the list! Read out loud to the kids, read to yourself, whatever you do, just read!

Mad Libs: My kids are just getting into Mad Libs and really understanding what makes them so funny. Take turns filling in the story and the whole family will have a laugh!

Camp Out in the Living Room: It can be a little scary at night when the power is out. Set everyone up in the living room with sleeping bags and have a camp out in the living room. Bonus points if you set up some tents or forst for the kids.

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