This is How We Roll

On our very first trip out to Target {I know, I know} with both kids, the hubster and I scratched our heads and said, “How do we do this?”. Truth be told, I never thought about how we would go out shopping with both kids.

Enter the “huge cart.” {That’s what E calls it.} You know the ones, with the extra seat on the back {or is it the front?}. Thank goodness Target has these huge carts. E loves sitting in the back {front} and B is pretty content on top, especially now that he can sit in the seat.

But when I’m all by myself…watch out! I have a hard time steering the damn cart and E doesn’t help with jumping around or off the cart.

The grocery store is a whole other ball game. When Ben wasn’t able to sit in the seat, I had a dilemma on my hands. The car seat didn’t fit in the bucket. I couldn’t put the car seat in the cart. Where would I put all the groceries?

Enter the wrap.

I wore that baby every time we went to the grocery store. It was a God-send. He would sleep and I wouldn’t have to rush in the store.

Then there are the car carts. I hate those things. E loves them! Guess who wins that battle?

He practically begs to ride in them. But I have to remember to buckle him in or else he just jumps right out and runs around the store {and adds what he wants to the cart}!

I couldn’t even imagine going to the store if I had a third. The hubster and I were just talking about this very thing the other night in the car {no, we are not planning on having another. We were just talking.}. He asked “Where do you put the third one in the car?” Silly hubster.

You don’t squeeze them in back, you buy a new car!


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  1. You’re a brave woman, I REFUSE to use the giant carts OR the ones with the car on the front. I figure if I ever got that started I’d never get the kids in a normal cart. My plan for shopping…Go alone whenever possible. 🙂

  2. I’m with Mychal. I never let the boys near the car carts. I also have an issue with the bench carts too, just can’t steer. That’s why we are typically at Wegmans… Those two seat “regular” carts are a godsend.

  3. Other options- push the double stroller and drag a cart… one kid in the seat of the cart and the other in the back in a bumbo (before they were sitting up good… SMUSH two into the front seat of the cart, both legs in one hole each ROFL

  4. Nate loves those frickin’ car carts and driving carts and his Dad somehow is amazing at steering them but I’m 5’1 and am lucky to see over the damn thing. When we have two I’m going to have to do the wrap for quite awhile. Food Lion has those carts with the car out front but they also have double seated carts which is nice. Woo carts! Haha

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