ThisLife: Saving Your Holiday Memories with Online Photo Storage

If you are anything like me, you will be snapping a ton of pictures this holiday season. From cookie baking to tree decorating to Christmas morning, I will be capturing it all! And the last thing I want to do is lose those memories because I forgot to backup my images. You must have a reliable backup system in place!

I can not tell you how many times my old backup storage methods have failed me. You would think as a professional photographer I would know better. WRONG! Two bad external hard drives later, I was finally ready to get my act together and get those memories saved! External hard drives go bad and go bad often. A lesson that I have learned the hard way! Don’t get me wrong, I still use my external hard drives. I just don’t rely on them as my only backup storage method.

The one method that seems to work best for me in an online photo storage site. I want to be able to access my photos anytime, anywhere. That’s when I stumbled on ThisLife. ThisLife is an online photo storage that gives me peace of mind! With their cloud storage, I can access my photos whenever I want.

thislife online photo storage

How does ThisLife’s online photo storage work?

ThisLife lets you store your photos in one safe, secure place online. Instant uploads from your desktop with their desktop client , phone, camera and social sites makes storing your precious snapshots a breeze. Photos are stored in the Cloud, so you can access them from your phone  or on any computer. You can also sync it with your Instagram account. I love this because I can delete the pictures off of my phone and know that they are saved for me in my ThisLife account. No more worrying about your backup storage not working!

ThisLife features smart facial recognition, duplicate detection, and even automatic image enhancement. Photos are laid out in a beautiful timeline, and powerful search options help you find your “Moments” with ease. This is online photo storage and management at its best.

thislife create a story feature

Keeping Prices Low With Amazon Glacier

I was hooked on ThisLife because of the site’s designs and features, but the low prices don’t hurt either! Because it uses Amazon Glacier to store your original images and only uses Amazon’s more expensive S3 storage solution to hold your thumbnails and low-res images, ThisLife lets you store 25,000 photos {or 100GB}  for just $3 per month with its Icebox accounts. However,the Icebox account doesn’t come with some of the more sophisticated features like duplication, facial recognition, and the ability to create stories.  A full account with all ThisLife features, the Super Box, costs $6 per month and also lets you store up to 25,000 photos or 100GB. Users who need more space just pay another $3 or $6 for the next 25,000 images. Looking for a free account? They have that too! The Basic account allows you to store 1,000 photos.

There are many online photo management options out there. ThisLife has definitely helped me when it has come to having a reliable backup storage method.

Do you prefer using an online photo storage site as backup storage for your photographs?

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  1. I have had so many viruses in the last year that I need to do this yesterday. I have lost so many memories. This is an excellent resource!

  2. I just happened upon ThisLife tonight…as I am in desperate need of storing my memories of past and future. So I am currently doing research in regards to what service to go with, but I was wondering is it easy to “download” a multitude of photos to a photo site such as picaboo.com or costco.com to make a photos album or whatever else my heart desire’s to print?

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