Three Easy Ways to Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day

Ahoy, me Hearties! September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day and we are ready to celebrate! This holiday encourages kids to get their imaginations running and to play pretend. You don’t have to put a lot of time and effort into your celebration. But if you have a little Pirate in the house, you need to be prepared.

I consulted with one of the best Pirates out there, Billy Bones, so everything below is Pirate approved! David Engel, aka Billy Bones, is a veteran family entertainer based in New York celebrating 25 years of entertaining and educating children! Pirate School!, a solo comedy show created and performed by “Billy Bones” gives kids a chance to live out their dreams of high-seas adventure.

So brush up on your “Shiver Me Timbers”, “Scurvey Dog”, and “Blimey!” and get ready for Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Three Easy Ways to Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day(1)

Three Easy Ways to Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day

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1. Veggie Swords – This is one way to get your kids to eat their veggies! Slice carrots (into thick matchsticks) and cucumbers. Slide the cucumber on the carrot stick and you have your very own Pirate Veggie Sword!

2. Sail Away – Dress up your child’s drink with a sail straw! All you need are straws and a piece of white foam.

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Cut the foam into a rectangle (don’t worry about it being perfect!). Cut two slits at the top and the bottom and slide onto the straw!

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3. Grab some Pirate’s Booty! What’s Talk Like Pirate Day without some Pirate’s Booty? The better-for-you snack brings adventure and imagination to the table—quite literally!—every day. Pirate’s Booty is baked, not fried and does not contain any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. It also has 0 grams trans-fat per serving and is certified gluten free.

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Billy Bones believes that “children yearn for learning and adventure. Celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day tomorrow and let your child’s pirate spirit soar like a wave play, beyond the devices, and get outside!

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