Three Months Old | your three words

This post is about a week late but we were on vacation so I’m excused, right?

Our Benny turned three months old last Saturday. In this past month, he has grown so much {wait til you see the progression below!}.

  • He is rolling over from belly to back {and then screaming because he is stuck}. 
  • He is still attempting to crawl {OMG!}
  • He is sitting propped up on his own {with supervision of course}
  • He is giggling and talking away. 
  • He found his hands recently and loves to stare at them, hold them, and munch on them. 
  • He also had his first beach trip and hopped in the pool with E and me {don’t let the picture fool you, he loved it!}.

So let’s just see how much he has grown this past month…

Look at those chubby thighs!


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  1. You guys are cute! Love the pool pic.

    Before you know it, he will be bigger than the penguin!

  2. What a great idea to take those pictures next to the penguin. Is there anything better than chubby baby thighs?? So cute!

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