3D Coloring Books “POP” Into Spring

3D Coloring Books Pop Into Spring


We are absolutely obsessed with coloring. We’ve shared with you how we like to create zen moments for ourselves by coloring. It literally is a part of my night-time de-stress rituals. (True story, you can follow my instagram to see what I’m coloring.)

Next month we’ll be heading to Toy Fair. It will be my second time and Steph’s fourth time. One of the brands that we are particularly excited to meet with is Thunder Bay Press.  The reason we are so excited is for purely selfish reasons, so we can check out their awesome line of coloring books.

Coloring book fans and fanatics can now enter a new dimension with 3D Coloring (Nature, Flowers, and Animals). These books will inspire amateur artists to color in anaglyphic illustrations by award-winning artist Hannah Davies, or to create their own 3D pictures.  This series has a larger format which is great for framing!

This unique coloring experience will provide hours of entertainment for young and old alike.  3D glasses included in each book.

Thunder Bay 3D Animals

3D Coloring Animals

A wide array of animals—from domestic to exotic and from land to sea—all have unique, bold patterns that create a great coloring experience.



Thunder Bay 3D Coloring

3D Coloring Cities

Beautiful cityscapes come to life.  Learn how hot and cold colors can create 3D effects.



Thunder Bay 3D Flowers

3D Coloring Flowers

A garden of images awaits the artists’ finishing touch on their own 3D blossoms.



About Hannah Davies:

Hannah Davies is an award-winning freelance illustrator, living and working beside the sea in Wales. Combining illustration and pattern design, Hannah’s illustrations are characterized by microscopic patterns and extraordinary decorative detail.


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