Tips for Visiting Las Vegas: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

My husband and I just got back this weekend from a little getaway to Las Vegas. He was going for a work conference and I was just tagging along. I had heard stories of what to expect in Vegas, things to see and do, and what not to do. But I can be honest and tell you nothing really prepared me for Sin City.

So, I am going to attempt to share my do’s and don’ts with you!

Tips for Visiting Las Vegas: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

tip for visiting las vegas

The Good

Walk through all the casinos. On our second day there, we skipped going to see the Hoover Dam {which I would love to go back and do another time} to just walk the Strip and see all of the casinos. The highlight of our walking tour was definitely Caesar’s. I dare you to walk inside the main lobby and not quote The Hangover.

Not only was it funny for us to walk through and quote the movie, it really is an awesome casino.

See a show. We waited until we got to Vegas to actually buy our tickets. We bought them from Tix 4 Tonight {which is like the TKTS booth in NYC}. You can get discounted tickets for shows the same day. We ended up seeing Cirque de Soliel’s LOVE and had amazing seats! We were literally right next to the stage and performers were flying over heads.

Visit the spa on your last day! I was regretting not having a pedicure before we went. After all, I was wearing sandals and flip flops in the much needed warm weather but my feet were a hot mess. But, I waited until our last day there to make them pretty. I am so glad I waited! My feet were so tired and swollen and the massage was just what they needed.

Use the people movers. I swear we acted like a bunch of little kids on that thing. The best time to use the people mover? Definitely at night. Why? Because watching drunk people use the people mover is a lot funnier than watching sober people on it.

The Bad

Don’t blow all your money gambling. Those buildings wouldn’t be there if you were meant to win all the time. When you do actually win, cash out and stash that winning ticket in your wallet or purse. Keep gambling with the money that you intended to gamble with. At the end of the night, cash out your winnings and you will at least go home with something!

Pack an inhaler. I am not kidding. By the end of our trip, I felt like I had been sucking on an ashtray. The smoke is everywhere. You go outside to get away from it and bam! there’s someone next to you smoking. It’s everywhere!

Pack comfy shoes. Remember up there where I told you about treating your tootsies to a pedicure. You’re gonna need it because you will no doubt leave your comfy shoes at home. Or, you will bring shoes you once thought were comfortable but turn into torture chambers after wearing them all day.

Drink a lot. And I’m not talking about alcohol. My husband and I did not drink nearly enough water while we were in Vegas and were so dehydrated. Our hands and feet were so swollen.

The Ugly

Wear your bitch face proudly. You’re gonna need it. You will have so many fliers and pamphlets shoved in your face all damn day. From time shares to tours to, um, adult things, you will need your bitch face on display so people leave you alone!

Don’t take the red eye home. Especially on the day you spring ahead for Daylight Saving Time. It was brutal.

Have you ever visited Las Vegas? What are your tips?

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  1. Ha, love it. It has been SO long since I’ve been to Vegas. I would love to go back. We are talking about a big family trip to Vegas for my dad’s 70th birthday next year! I would love to see that same show!

  2. I have never been to Vegas…GASP! I want to but not sure if it is my type of vacation spot. Looks like you had fun though!

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