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Together Counts

Fall not only brings cooler weather and a change in the leaves, it brings many opportunities for my family to do things together. Sure we spend a lot of time together in the summer with vacations and day trips, but the fall is different.

One of our favorite things to do is visit the pumpkin patch. It brings out the kid in us!

We love chasing Ethan through the corn mazes…

together counts

…and seeing their faces when they find the biggest pumpkin in the patch…

together counts

…and attempt to get some cute pictures.

together counts

This year, something special happened. We finally took a family picture. Being a photographer myself, I am always on the other side of the camera. This means we have absolutely no family pictures…until now. I stepped out from behind the camera and let it happen.

together counts

And it needs to happen more often than once a year!

 together counts

Together Counts is a nationwide program inspiring active and healthy living. The principle behind our program is Energy Balance, which means balancing the calories we consume with the calories we burn. It’s a first-of-its kind coalition that brings together more than 200 retailers, food and beverage manufacturers, restaurants, sporting goods and insurance companies, trade associations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and professional sports organizations.

Join the Together Counts Twitter party on October 17 from -9 PM EST. RSVP for the Twitter Party and make sure you use the hashtag #TogetherCounts!

Disclosure:  I received compensation for this post through the Global Influence Together Counts sponsored post campaign.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. i love your new family photo! so cute. i don’t get on the other side of the camera with my family enough either.

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