Toy Fair Trends: Retro Toys

If you follow me on social media, then you know I spent the past few days checking out the hottest toys coming in 2014. There were a ton of trends that we saw over and over again and now, I’m sharing those trends with you!

First up, Retro Toys!

toy fair trends retro toys

Retro Toys for 2014

For Ages 4+, SRP $19.99, FALL 2014

LITE-BRITE: A modern update to the classic illumination toy  Basic Fun, in collaboration with Hasbro, is excited to announce its newest items in the classic toy line. Lite-Brite, the wonderful toy that lets children color with light and has been illuminating children’s imaginations since 1967. Beginning Fall 2014, Basic Fun will be reintroducing the Lite-Brite brand with fresh new features including new character pegs. Together the new enhancements and peg shapes will take the creative play to a whole new level! Generations to come will continue to be delighted and inspired by this classic toy.

For Ages 4+, SRP $24.99, FALL 2014
Puppy Surprise: Surprise, surprise! It’s Puppy Surprise, the ‘90s phenomenon that features a mommy dog
with a surprise number of puppies in her litter. Back and better than ever, the new Puppy Surprise line has four new puppy families for girls to love, groom and nurture. The soft and huggable mommies are Candy, Popcorn, Sugar, and Zoey – and each one could have three, four, or even five sweet little puppies inside!

i-Star Entertainment Sky Dancers Dolls Group Shot

For Ages 5+, SRP under $20, JUNE 2014

Sky Dancers:  The best high-flying doll of all time is back for 2014. i-Star Entertainment celebrates the 20th anniversary of the debut of the iconic Sky Dancers with the launch of a newly re-imagined version for today’s girls. Just like the original, each comes with a pull-string launcher that propels the dolls high in the sky to ease back down to the ground.  Each beautiful Sky Dancer unfolds her elegant wings and flies with the wind.


MSRP $49.00-59.00

Electric Football: The new Playoff Electric Football ® offers a wide range of features including PlayAction™ Remote for precision play, SpeedTurf™ playing field that runs fast and quiet and Invisibases™ for strength and speed! You have the full ability to set the plays and control your action. This set includes everything you need to play the game. Customize, trade and collect official teams, play solo or join an Electric Football league. It’s fun, exciting and a new take on our classic Electric Football.

Fisher Price Classic Toys: Fisher Price is bringing back all the toys for your childhood. I just about died when I saw the record player. From the clock to the telephone, all your favorites will be available for you to share with your own children!


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