A "Trenta" Life

When I saw that Starbucks was coming out with a new beverage size, my first thought was “Genius.” My second thought was “Diabetic Coma.” I can’t say I blame them for coming out with a larger size. They do have to compete with the Big Gulps and  McSizes.

Just imagine it.

31 ounces of caffeine.

Sounds like heaven to me.

In a time that I should be limiting my caffeine intake {what can I say I am a rebel}, I find that I am needing more and more of it. Most days, I am stopping for coffee {not always Starbucks} or reaching for a Diet Coke {or two, or three}. I thought you were supposed to get your energy back in the second trimester. So where the hell is it?

My get up and go has got up and went.

And I don’t think it’s coming back anytime soon.

I am so behind in so, so many things. I just want to wave my wand {have you seen it lately?} and have it all done. Maybe if I had trenta ounces of caffeine pumping through me, I could get it all done.

Or maybe I’d be passed out on the floor somewhere.

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