“Truck”erton Food Truck & Food Fest

This past weekend, I took a day trip to the Jersey shore for the Tuckerton Seaport’s 1st Annual “Truck”erton Food Truck and Food Fest. You knew this would be a hit. I mean food trucks. Need I say more?


There were 10 food trucks and 4 breweries and wineries scattered around the Seaport with a variety of food! From alligator legs to potato sticks, there was something for everyone. My favorite? The 5 Sisters Food Truck! There were so many delicious things on their menu. I had a hard time deciding.


I couldn’t decide between a burger and their Fat Chick Sandwich.


Knowing I wanted to sample a few things around the Fest, I went with the Whiskey Tango Burger. And it was the right choice!


Burger with cheese, bacon, BBQ sauce, topped with an onion ring on a PRETZEL BUN! Pretzel bun I know you feel it too! (I couldn’t help myself an I was singing it all day!).

After downing the burgers, I needed something sweet and there was only one truck that was going to hit the spot, Waffles De Lys! I have a soft spot for waffles and ice cream. My sister used to make them for us as a late night snack while playing Super Mario Brothers in the summer.

I mean I don’t even need to elaborate on that.

From the look of the crowds and the line out the door, it’s safe to say that “Truck”erton Food Truck & Brew Fest was a smashing success! I will absolutely be there next year!

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