The Ultimate Hershey’s Characters Checklist

Your trip to Hersheypark isn’t complete without snapping a picture with the Hershey’s Characters! 

I’ve partnered with Hershey Entertainment and Resorts to share the latest happenings in Hershey!

One of our favorite things to do when visiting Hersheypark and the Hershey Resorts is taking pictures with the Hershey’s Characters. We have been working our way through the complete list of characters and seeing if we can find new ones each time. 

There are quite a few Hershey’s Characters to find and some are only there seasonal. I put together a master list of all the characters you can find. As a bonus, I made printable checklist so you can keep track of who you still need to find!

The Ultimate Hershey’s Characters Checklist

Hershey Bar – He makes everyone feel instantly at ease whenever he’s around. He genuinely enjoys meeting new people and making new friends. Meet Hershey Bar on Kissing Tower Hill.

Hershey’s Kiss – Kiss is warm and inviting with a fun-loving spirit, and enjoys making people feel comfortable and included when they are with her. Meet Kiss on Kissing Tower Hill.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup – Reese is full of energy and is just a little mischievous! He likes the unexpected and especially enjoys being around people. Meet Reese on Kissing Tower Hill.

Twizzler – She bends but never breaks, and doesn’t mind twisting herself into knots to get the job done. She’s entertaining and easy-going – “The Twist You Can’t Resist!” Twizzler appears in the Character Quiz Show every day but Wednesday, May 26 – August 25.

Kit Kat – Kit Kat is carefree, and full of charm and sincerity. He’s always ready for an adventure or a new challenge – as long as he’s with his friends! Meet Kit Kat in Founder’s Way.

York Peppermint Pattie – Full of vim and vigor, Peppermint Pattie has a “make it happen” attitude that brightens everyone’s day. She is sassy and refreshing and keeps her friends on their toes! Meet Peppermint Pattie at the Hershey’s Character Party or in Character Commotion, May 26 – August 18.

Jolly Rancher – He’s bold and bright, always revved up and ready to go! Jolly Rancher is filled with positive energy and shares his unique style with everyone. Meet Jolly Rancher at the Hershey’s Character Party or in Character Commotion, May 26 – August 18.

Ice Breaker – Fun-loving, adventurous, and always ready to break the ice – that’s Ice Breaker! He’s confident and always optimistic that he’s about to make a new friend and have a good time. Meet Ice Breaker at the Hershey’s Character Party or in Character Commotion, May 26 – August 18.

Milk Dud – He’s down-to-earth, dependable, and will drop whatever he’s doing to help a friend. You can always count on Milk Dud! To know him is to find a friend for life. Meet Milk Dud in Founder’s Way.

Rolo – Mellow and smooth, Rolo has a classy charm that puts everyone at ease, while the little smile she wears hints at some humorous secret. Rolo is calm, cool and collected, and everyone relaxes whenever she’s around. Meet Rolo at the Hershey’s Character Party or in Character Commotion, May 26 – August 18.

Hershey’s Syrup: Meet Hershey’s Syrup in Founder’s Way.

Other Assorted Hershey’s Characters – You can meet other Hershey’s Characters at The Hershey’s Character Party or at Character Commotion from May 26 – August 18. Characters appearing in these shows could include:

  • Cocoa Can
  • Fifth Avenue
  • Nutrageous
  • Symphony Bar

There are several locations inside Hersheypark where you can see the characters including a dance party, musical extravaganza and strolling quiz show.

Character Commotion – Pioneer Frontier: Hershey’s Characters and musical groups combine for this once-a-day extravaganza! May 26 – August 25 – 2:45 p.m. (no shows on Mondays). 

Hershey’s Character Party – Presented by Turkey Hill Minit Markets Founder’s Way: It’s selfie time! Join a variety of Hershey’s Characters for dancing and fun with Hershey’s Character Party! May 26 – August 18 – 4, 5:15, 6:45 & 8 p.m.

​​​Character Dining: ​Enjoy Breakfast at the Park this summer and share sweet moments with your favorite Hershey’s characters!  Breakfast available July 2 – August 31

And don’t forget to find your favorite Hershey’s Characters during the holidays! They are all dressed up in their holiday best!

The Ultimate Hershey’s Character Checklist

Print your copy of the The Ultimate Hershey’s Character Checklist (with locations!) before you head to Hersheypark! Click the picture above or HERE for your free printable.

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