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If you follow me on Instagram, you saw me in a goregous home yesterday. I had the amazing opportunity to tour the 2014 Philadelphia Design Home. When I walked into my little townhome afterwards, I was underwhelmed…after being overwhelmed with the $3 million home.

philadelphia design home-5

While I will probably never have a home with the top of the line kitchen…

philadelphia design home-6

…or a coffee bar in my bedroom (I know)…

philadelphia design home-29

…there are some things that we were in the home that can upgrade my little home, Comcast Xfinity.



The new X1 takes your regularly scheduled television watching to the next level. The guide (where you find shows to watch) is more streamlined and easier to use. Honestly, I think my favorite feature is the remote! You don’t have to have the remote lined up just right with the box for it to work. In fact, the box doesn’t even have to be in the same room! 

Xfinity Home


Now, if we were in our forever home, I would totally install Xfinity Home like yesterday.  Your house can be turned into a “smart home” with next-generation remote home control and energy management features. You can remotely set the alarm, adjust digital thermostats, turn lights on or off, check water sensors and watch secure, live streaming video of the home, inside or out – all from a touchpad, smart phone or computer. 24/7 professional monitoring provides peace of mind that police or the fire department will be contacted in an emergency. It basically turns your house into the Jetsons house.

Xfinity Apps

unnamed (1)

Comcast offers a large selection of Xfinity apps that deliver customers extra value and convenience. The most exciting apps allow you to download hot movies and TV shows, remotely check home security cameras, troubleshoot your account, answer your home phone from anywhere, and more.

Our favorite app?  The Xfinity TV Remote App. It saved me big time back in August when I had Vertigo and couldn’t get out of bed. My oldest would call my husband on the phone and ask him to put a different show on from them….while he was at work! LIFE SAVER!

You can check out the Philadelphia Design home for yourself until November 16th, 2014. Tickets to tour the home are $25 and benefit MANNA, a Philadelphia “non-profit organization that cooks and delivers nutritious, medically-appropriate meals and provides nutrition counseling to neighbors who are battling life-threatening illnesses such as cancer, renal disease and HIV/AIDS.”

Disclosure: I was provided a tour of the Philadelphia Design Home and the Comcast features of the home. I received a Samsung Tab4 from Comcast in exchange to facilitate my review of Xfinity on the blog.


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