Using Leftover Eggs from Easter

Leftover eggs can be numerous at my house, because we usually overshoot how many we really need. The kids love dyeing Easter Eggs so there always a ton of hard-boiled eggs left over. Unfortunately, those eggs usually end up in the trash!

But not this year! If you have the same problem, here are some suggestions for those unused eggs!

Using Leftover Eggs from Easter

Egg Salad

Just add some mustard, mayonnaise and some dill and you have a wonderful sandwich spread.

Deviled Eggs

Shell the eggs, take out the yolks and mix with some mustard powder, mayonnaise, and salt and pepper. Take the mixture and spoon back into one half of an egg white. Sprinkle some paprika decoratively on top. You can also change the filling and use avocado or seafood.

Potato Salad

This will use up many more eggs that are left. Mix in some potatoes, mustard, relish, and onion for a great treat.

Ways to Use Leftover Eggs

Even more ways to use up leftover hard boiled eggs! Who knew leftover eggs were so versatile!

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