Vacation All I Ever Wanted!

Finally, we are taking a vacation! We haven’t taken a real vacation since September of 2007, when we went to Florida. I am really looking forward to relaxing, reading, and hanging out with Ethan (and of course the hubster).

We don’t have a lot of extra cash laying around so we are taking the economical approach. We are going to go visit the hubster’s family in Pittsburgh (free room and board!). We usually take a trip out on long weekends and end up trying to cram seeing everyone in 2 days. Going for 10 days (woo hoo!) will allow us to see family, do some fun things (I have a lot of things in mind), and just relax.

I want to make the most out of this vacation so we have a few things planned already. Hubster plans on golfing a few times. I want to hit some local parks that I’ve been looking at to take some pictures. We are going to take E to the Zoo & Aquarium and the Children’s Museum. I’m really excited for the Children’s Museum. Currently, they have a Bob the Builder exhibit and I really think E will enjoy that one. Also, they have a whole section for his age range. Can’t wait!

Pittsburgh here we come!

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