Valentine’s Day In Menu PLUS a Giveaway!

Valentine’s Day around here is usually no fuss, no muss. Since my birthday and Valentine’s Day are so close to each other (by two days), they usually get lumped together. Which means we celebrate both with the kids. When you have two young children, it can be hard to find the time for a night out. Instead we opt to have a night in. We put the kids to better and settle in for a movie night. Bonus points if neither one of us falls asleep on the couch.

This year, we are taking our movie date night up a notch and including a Valentine’s dinner. I have been craving the homemade pasta we learned how to make at the Essex Resort.

fresh pasta-9

Fresh homemade pasta calls for a fresh, crisp salad. Caesar salad is my favorite and is easy to throw together.

caesar salad-4

And for dessert? You can’t go wrong with Molten Lava Cakes!

molten chocolate cake-4

Whole Foods Devon wants to help you get ready for Valentine’s Day! What’s Valentine’s Day without chocolate. Make that Eclat chocolate! I recently had the opportunity to taste some of this amazing chocolate for the first time and I am hooked! My favorite? The salted caramel truffle!

eclat chocolates-1

Next, pick up some beer! I know, I know. Hear me out. During my chocolate tasting, I learned that chocolate and beer are great when paired together. I was skeptical at first as I am not a beer fan but after doing a little testing, I totally got it! Some the pairings we tried were Allagash Dubbel Ale with First Harvest chocolate, Salted caramel truffles with Gold Stoudt Lager, and VictoryBeer Hop Devil Beer with the Beer Truffle. 

beer and chocolate pairings

Finally, grab some roses the next time your Whole Foods. They are perfect for your Valentine’s Day decor. Grown in the Ecuadorian Andes by a group of Fair Trade certified farms, these “blooms with benefits” help to cultivate better working conditions and equitable wages for the farms’ workers. For each case of Whole Trade roses purchased by Whole Foods Market, an additional percentage is paid directly to worker groups from each farm who collectively decide how to use the money.

whole foods fair trade roses-1

Valentine’s Day Giveaway

valentines day giveaway

One lucky winner will receive a Valentine’s Day gift basket that includes a $200 Whole Foods Market gift card, Eclat Chocolate, Cabot Cheese and an assortment of Whole Foods Market Valentine’s Day goodies—perfect for a night in with your sweetie.

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