Valentine’s Day Trees

Need a quick and easy way to decorate for Valentine’s Day? Grab the kids and your craft supplies to make these Valentine’s Day Trees.

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Once the Christmas decorations are taken down and packed away, I don’t want to do any more decorating until the next Christmas. But then that feeling passes after a few weeks and I am itching to bring some more holiday decor into the house. 

First it starts with switching out my burlap wreath for Valentine’s Day. Then I start placing little hearts and “Love” signs around the house. When I look around and see that I don’t have enough stuff, I get crafting. 


Last year, I made these easy DIY Winter Tree Cones and had some extra cones in my craft bin.  I knew I could use these for some Valentine’s Day decorations.

Valentine's Day Trees

Valentine’s Day Trees

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To make these Valentine’s Day Trees, you will need the following supplies:

Valentine’s Day Trees Instructions

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Start by sorting your adhesive foam hearts by color.

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Now that you have your hearts sorted, place the larger hearts at the bottom of the cone. Place the hearts upside down and work your way around. Overlap the hearts as you start the next row. 

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When you get halfway up, start using the medium sized hearts. This is when you can start placing them randomly to cover the cover. When you get to the top, use two small hearts to wrap around the tip of the cone.

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In less than 5 minutes, you and the kids can make these cones to decorate for Valentine’s Day!

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Looking for more Valentine’s Day ideas? Make sure you follow my Valentine’s Day Pinterest board! Don’t forget to pin these Valentine’s Day Trees so you can make them yourself!

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