Vertically Challenged

It’s a pretty well-known fact that I’m short. I mean, if you meet me, there’s no hiding it. You can’t make 4’11” look taller. Heels don’t even put me average height unless I’m wearing 6+ inch heels. And that’s not happening.

There are days that I wish that I was a little bit taller. Wouldn’t it be nice to go a day without hearing a short joke? Because at 30 years old, I’ve heard them all. And everyone thinks they are so clever and that it’s the first time I’m hearing said joke. Um, no.

It’s not like I forget that I’m short but in my every day life, it’s easy to not have it glaring you in the face. I spend the day with my two side-kicks {and I don’t even want to think about when is E is taller than I am because it’s going to be really soon}. But, when I was in New York City for BlogHer, my lack of height was very apparent.

I submit photographic evidence.

hersheys camp bondfire at blogher
hersheys camp bondfire at blogher
hersheys camp bondfire at blogher
And then there’s this gem.

riding the new york city subwayI don’t even come up to his arm pit!

These pictures are fun but there are times when being short is not fun. Like when you are on a crowded dance floor and people are getting down with their bad selves and elbows are flying. And said elbows are flying in my face. And that’s when I get angry. I know I’m short but I’m not invisible. Do you not see me?! Do you not feel that you are elbowing people?

It doesn’t stop on a crowded dance floor. I have walked up to counters to purchase things and people literally not see me. I have even had people look over me and ask the person behind me for their order. Trust me, you didn’t want to be the barista that day.

And then I had a glimpse of my future. As we were walking down a crowded New York City street, I saw her. An older woman, slight hunched over, and short. A little shorter than I am. She had the scowl. And she was throwing elbows. She was making sure people saw her and got of her way.

I immediately thought “That is so going to be me.”

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  1. #1. thank you sooooooo much for posting the worst photo of me EVER.
    #2. god that ride on the subway was so much fine. the three of us are like a bunch of 12 year olds, i swear.

    can’t wait for chicago!

  2. In that last picture on the subway it almost looks like you are hunched over or something! Not short!

    I doubt that you will become that lady… she sounds like someone who is just mad. Mad at everything!

  3. i totally just spit water out of my nose. i completely forgot about that subway ride LOLOL

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