Visit the Doctor From Your Couch with American Well


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of American Well.

Being a work at home mom means that I can not afford to get sick. It just cant happen. If I get sick what little routine and order I have managed to get together becomes unraveled and everything goes to…well you know.

It also means I have no time to go to the doctor. If I do, I have to either drag the kids with me or try to schedule it around their schedules. So basically, it rarely happens. And when it does, it means I’m really sick.

But now? Now I can “visit” the doctor by flipping open my laptop, heading over to American Well, and see the doctor via the internet. Isn’t technology great?

american well

American Well doctors are available  24/7, 365 days a year to you on your smart phone, tablet or computer. When you download the free app, you will always have a doctor in your pocket!

One of the things I was worried about with American Well was security. American Well is HIPAA-compliant which means all of your health information will always be safe and available only to you and your doctor.

Another great feature is that your notes are forward to your primary physician. You don’t need to feel like you’re cheating on your doctor! All physician notes from your visit can be shared with your primary care physician, your pediatrician, or any specialist.

This is great if you need to see a doctor outside of office hours and follow up with them afterwards. They will have all of the necessary notes so that they continue your treatment.

American Well Coupon

American Well visits are only $49 per visit! However, many insurers are beginning to cover these telehealth visits for the same or lesser co-pay than a traditional in-person visit. Check with your insurance provider to see if they cover American Well.


If you want to check out American Well for yourself, use code SPRING  for a free physician visit ($49 value) or a free visit with a nutritionist ($25 value)! If you join American Well, this coupon code is good for an entire year.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of American Well.

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