Watermarking Images in Photoshop

Steph has now shown you how to watermark using PicMonkey, Lightroom and Photoshop Elements. All working up to the most advanced program, Photoshop! I personally find this way the easiest, but I am very familiar with Photoshop, so I’m sure not everyone agrees with me! As with any tool in Photoshop, there are a handful of ways to do something. I have put together the two easiest ways {in my opinion} to watermark a photo!

Watermarking Your Images in Photoshop

How to Watermark using Photoshop Actions

1. Open the image you wish to work on in Photoshop.


2. Once you have edited the image to your liking, it’s time to re-size your image to the appropriate size. You don’t really want to watermark on the large, original file – as when you re-size, it may be too small.


3. Now you need to open up the Actions palette. This is where we will create our watermark. You can open it by clicking on the actions icon on the right menu (looks like a play button) or by going to the Window menu > Actions.


4. Once you are in the Actions palette, you will need to create a new action. To create a new action, click on the icon on the bottom that looks like the new layer button. A “New Action” window will appear where you can name your action as well as set the folder, function key and color (this color is for labeling only, not the color of your watermark). Once you have it filled out, click the Record button.


5. Now your Action is recording. This means, anything you do in Photoshop will be recorded so that you can automate this process in the future. The first step you will want to do is select the Text/Type tool from the left menu icons and choose your desired font, size, color. Once you are ready, type what you want your watermark to say.


6. You can move your text around the image to where you would like it to be. I usually watermark my images in the bottom right corner as shown above. Once you are happy with the location, click over to your layers palette and we want to adjust the opacity of your text, to create the watermark appearance. I selected 50% opacity.


7. That’s it! If you are happy with how it looks, stop the action from recording, by pressing the square Stop icon on the bottom of the Actions palette. Save your image out, and you are finished!

In the future, you have two options. You can either run this action by clicking the play button on the actions palette, of you can run this action on a batch of photos using the Automated Batch tool. Here is how you do that.

How to Batch Watermark Images in Photoshop

1. Open all the images you wish to watermark, or place them all in the same folder.

2. Under the File menu in Photoshop, select Automate > Batch…


3. The batch window will appear and this is where you will select that Action we just created! Select the Set / Folder of the Action and the Action name. You can also select your source (Opened Files or a specific Folder destination).


3. Once you have all your settings complete, Click the OK button and your watermark batch will be processed! Once it is done, you will have a complete grouping of watermarked images!


Pretty easy, right? You can do this same process if you have a graphic as a watermark, graphic and text, etc. Just create a new action and you will be good to go! If you have any questions, you can find me over at Terrell Family Fun! Thanks to Steph for letting me guest post today!

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