We’re Havin’ A Pool Party, Pool Party, Pool Party

10 extra bonus points if you can correctly tell me where that title came from. 🙂

Yesterday, the whole family got together for a pool party for a trifecta birthday: Sophia (7), Shawn (2), and Franco (38!).

pool party 3
The kids spent the entire time in the pool. They didn’t even want to get out to have cake! And E was right there with them. We have a little fish on our hands.

pool party 1
My niece, god love her. She turned 7 but is convinced she is a teenager. She may not be a teenager technically, but she sure is acting like one! All I have to say to my sister is “Good luck with that one!”

pool party 2
After witnessing a gaggle of girls ages 5-9 yesterday, I am very thankful I have a boy!

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