What NOT to Do on Mother’s Day

I am sharing these tips for Mother’s Day thanks to Cold Stone Creamery. All opinions are my own. #MyIceCreamMemories

In case you forgot, Mother’s Day is this weekend. Instead of worrying about what to get mom for Mother’s Day, think about the things you can do with her instead.  Sure, every mom loves a new piece of jewelry or fresh flowers on the kitchen table, but what she really wants is to spend time with her family. 

Ok, she also wants a clean house that she didn’t have to clean herself but let’s get ahead of ourselves. 

Mom doesn’t ask for much when it comes to Mother’s Day. But there are some things she doesn’t want.

What NOT to Do on Mother’s Day

Breakfast in bed

Make Mom Breakfast – Yes it’s a lovely idea. The kids and Dad come up the stairs, smiling away with a breakfast tray with a plate of toast, bacon and eggs, a hot cup of coffee, and a tulip ripped out by the roots from Mom’s flower garden. Lovely idea … except when Mom comes downstairs and faces a kitchen that puts her in mind of the aftermath of prison riots. And where is the rest of the family? By now they’ve made their escape to video games. Don’t Do This!

conservation concept, child holding plant while watering it

Let’s Do the Gardening! – Depending on the weather, Mother’s Day may well fall on the weekend where one can safely purchase and bed plants without them turning into victims of a late frost. But do not assume this is necessarily the day Mom wants to spend pulling kids out of the fountain in the garden center, or hacking away at the soil like a coal miner. Don’t Do This!


Let the Kids Choose the Movie – Watching a movie together is a great family idea. Sometimes. It’s a great idea when everyone agrees on what movie to watch, which happens with the same frequency as a full solar eclipse. If consensus isn’t reached instantly – do not concede defeat and ‘leave it up to the kids.’ They may think that watching all seven Star Wars episodes is a great way of spending the afternoon. Mom probably won’t enjoy it as much. Don’t Do This!

Table for dinner

Let’s All Go Out to Dinner! – Oh, such good intentions are wrapped around this one. Mom doesn’t have to cook. Dad gets to air out the credit card and feel all puffed up. Good luck with that. The reality is a jam-packed Family Restaurant with the only grace being that the screams, wails, and crying of neighboring tables are drowned out by the screams, wails and crying emanating from one’s own tables. Don’t Do This!

mothers day gift box

Mom’s Present – If the Mother’s Day Gift will result in any of the following things: cleaning, cooking, assembling, or a major restructuring of the living room furniture –easy answer– Don’t Do This! The same rule applies to any perfume or scent that has been heavily advertised on TV or comes in a jug big enough to transport moonshine.

But you know what you should do? Ask Mom what she wants for Mother’s Day and give it to her! And while you are at it, make sure you get her a fabulous cake to celebrate the day!

strawberry splendor cake-2

Treat your Mother to a delicious Cold Stone Creamery’s Strawberry Splendor™ cake this Mother’s Day. Featuring layers of moist Yellow Cake and Sweet Cream Ice Cream with Strawberry Puree wrapped in fluffy White Frosting and cascading Strawberry Glaze. This cake is not only great for Mother’s Day but for all of your upcoming summer parties!


cold stone creamery giveawa

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  1. Yup. You hit the nail on the head. I just want to sleep in! And by sleeping in, I really just mean 7:30.

  2. LOL, very true! I have one better: hubby has been toying with the idea of going out of town for Mother’s Day to Lancaster, a nice family retreat to Amish country. And THEN came in and said, “What about Great Wolf Lodge?” NO. no no no no NO. That is not fun for mom, that’s kid fun. Too bad, lol! Maybe just stop by Pandora’s and that’s it lol

  3. yes sleep. and perhaps to not have to schlep all around the east coast visiting various mothers and mother figures to celebrate their motherhood. would LOVE to celebrate my own. (Am a brat. )

  4. I agree with most of these. However, if someone mentioned that I could watch all six episodes of Star Wars in one day, I would definitely be on that. It would probably be the best present to me.

  5. Mothers, it’s your time to relax, unwind and be showered with love. Although that must be done every day, don’t you think? You deserve it. 🙂

    This is a fun read.

    Oh, btw, here’s a shameless promotion. If you want some Mother’s Day gift without leaving the house, I have one on my blog.

  6. My #MyIceCreamMemories are growing up in a small town in Iowa and enjoying many ice cream socials on the weekends.

  7. Mom always made us homemade ice cream and it was an all day affair. She mixed everything up and put it in the ice cream churn. We took turns churning it until it turned to ice cream… eating it was so sweet. There was no better company than Mom, Dad, and us three kids. Life was good.

  8. My Mom always had Ice Cream as a Treat…I for one would Love Ice Cream for Mothers Day <3

  9. always being elected to sit on the ice cream machine while everyone took turns churning because I was the youngest

  10. I remember sharing my first banana split with my mom, I was so happy she let me have the cherry and most of the whip cream

  11. Attempting to make homemade ice cream – epic fail but it was hilarious.

  12. Every year for moms birthday all she wants is an ice cream cake, they’re her favorite and she gets excited and giggles like a child when she sees we remember #MyIceCreamMemories

  13. #MyIceCreamMemories were always made when the ice cream ran down their little cheeks. And they still wanted to lick it all back up. 🙂

  14. every friday after school my mom and i would go for ice cream! #MyIceCreamMemories

  15. #MyIceCreamMemories We would go to Milk and Honey, an ice cream parlor, down the street from my childhood home for special occasions. I remember my favorite: butterscotch topping with whipped cream, nuts & a cherry on top!

  16. #MyIceCreamMemories is making homemade ice cream with my mom. We always made homemade ice cream in the summer especially around the summer holidays! I even remember our big green homemade ice cream maker and would we use a ton of ice. So much fun and the ice cream was delicious!

  17. Every year we get ice cream on the boardwalk so it is a memory we cherish since we look forward to this tradition every year.

  18. Mom used to buy my sister ice cream cakes for her birthdays because she would want that rather than a regular cake.

  19. Growing up we had a ice cream maker and we made our own ice cream. We tried different flavors and it tasted pretty good.

  20. My granddaughter wants to sleep in and wake up to a clean house, good luck with that one…

  21. Best ice cream memory is making ice cream with my mom and my granny when I was little. we use one of those old fashioned ice cream makers where you have to like hand crank the ice cream for a really long time. It was the best ice cream I have ever had.

  22. I have fond memories of visiting my Grandma. She’d take me to “the coffee shop.” An actual coffee shop with about 8 stools facing “Mary” the short order grill cook and coffee preparer. I’d get a butter pecan ice cream cone.

  23. #MyIceCreamMemories is going for a ride with my mom and dad and getting an ice cream.

  24. #MyIceCreamMemories – making homemade ice cream with my mom in one of those old wooden crank-handle ice cream makers.

  25. When we were small my mother and father would take us down to Carvel for a cone as a treat. It was always a wonderful time

  26. I remember my mom taking us for walks to Zestos ice cream on hot summer evenings when I was a kid. 🙂

  27. taking my twin daughters when they were 2 for the first ice cream treat

  28. take her to the OTB/horse racing ).lunch and some kinda choc dessert

  29. ah I remember bugging my mom for change so I could chase down the ice cream truck as a child just for mom to give me extra money to make sure I got her an ice cream cone as well. I think she loved ice cream even more than I did and still does!! lol

  30. I remember getting ice cream as a treat after Sunday school

  31. Running out to the icecream truck with my mom when i was a kid #MyIceCreamMemories

  32. My best ice cream memory happened when my youngest boy was about two years old. We got ice cream cones and went across the street to the beach to eat them. I have pictures of him sitting in the sand in his denim overalls with chocolate ice cream covering his face and dripping down his arms to his elbows. He was loving every second of it and so was I!

  33. My favorite memory of ice cream was when I was 2. My mom took a picture of me and I have ice cream all over my face. Makes sense now that I still love ice cream.

  34. Oh my favorite #MyIceCreamMemories was when we made snow ice cream last winter! Oh we had so much fun!

  35. We used to always have slices of ice cream during Christmas parties as a kid. My mom would open up the carton of ice cream and then slice the ice cream into pieces and then we’d add sprinkles. Just a fun way of serving, rather than scooping.

  36. #MyIceCreamMemories are of having soft-serve ice cream after a day at the beach.

  37. My best ice cream memory was getting ice cream after our cross country running races in high school. It was the best reward for running! #MyIceCreamMemories

  38. My mom-centric #MyIceCreamMemories is when we get ice cream cake to celebrate the summer birthdays in my family.

  39. #MyIceCreamMemories I remember my dad always promised growing up that he would take us for a banana split and never did at the end of the school year, so I make a point of taking my kids for a ice cream treat during the year and a split (the first one of the year) at the end of school year

  40. Every year on the first hot day my son and I get ice cream to celebrate the start of summer.

  41. We are doing an ice cream themed bday party for my daughters 1st birthday and I am sure it will be my favorite icec ream mempry

  42. my best ice cream mom moment would have to be the first time we made homemade ice cream at our beach house! it was great and a lot of fun to make!

  43. I remember going to our local ice cream shop with my Mom and sister on our days off of school. Wonderful memories! #MyIceCreamMemories

  44. I remember my brother and I saving our money to buy my mom an ice cream cake when I was a kid. It made us so proud. #MyIceCreamMemories

  45. Mom used to take me to get ice cream every friday after school. #myicecreammemories

  46. My dad loved ice cream – still does! As soon as I turned 16 I are always having to fetch ice cream after dinner for everyone.

  47. I remember making banana splits with my Mom, they were special treats for us. #MyIceCreamMemories

  48. My kids love making ice cream dishes with lots of toppings at home. We have a great time as a family doing this together. #MyIceCreamMemories

  49. My late mother, who was Swedish, made homemade Vaniljglass (vanilla ice creme) with mint and warm cherries as a sauce. Everyone would want to be at my home when she made it and this is without a ice creme machine. It was delicious! I think some of the kids in my neighborhood became close friends with me so they could get more of her ice creme. She made everything special. . #MyIceCreamMemories

  50. Helping my granny back in Texas crank the handle of the ice cream maker when I was a little girl.

  51. My favorite ice cream memories were going as a young girl with my parents to a local farm/ice cream producer up in Massachusetts! You could eat the ice cream while watching/patting the cows beyond the fence. It was always so much fun…and delicious! #MyIceCreamMemories

  52. I don’t have one special memory but I do remember my mom loving butterscotch sundaes.

  53. My favorite ice cream memories are putting my youngest (and very colicy)daughter in the carseat and driving to get ice cream in hopes of her falling asleep!

  54. My #MyIceCreamMemories was when we used to take my daughters out for ice cream after their tennis matches as rewards.

  55. I remember waiting for the ice cream man to pass by our house. It was so much fun waiting for him!

  56. I share varieties of icecream with different toppings with my mom like crazy

  57. I loved going out with my parents when they were still together and my sister for ice cream… 🙂 I can totally remember that.

  58. My Gram would come to get us in Ontario every summer and take us to Nova Scotia to visit. Every time at the train station, I’d get blue ice cream with bubblegum bits in it and thought I was in heaven. Now? That sounds positively revolting. 🙂

  59. #MyIceCreamMemories are going for ice cream together in the summer and eating it in the park at a picnic bench having fun.

  60. I have good memories of going to get ice cream after softball games. I could get a banana split when I hit a home run. Good times.

  61. I remember going to Dairy Queen with Mom when I was a kid. It was walk up only and outside tables.

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