What to Wear for Fall Family Photos

The past few weekends, I have been busy photographing families for their fall and holiday pictures. I know a lot of people stress over what they should wear for their family pictures. Should we all match? How about we all wear white shirts?

Well, today I am sharing with you some of my favorite outfit choices for fall and holiday photo shoots.

What to Wear for Fall Family Photos

what to wear for fall family photos

A few things to keep in mind when choosing your outfits for fall and holiday family pictures:

  • Consider your background and where you are having your pictures taken. If you are going to be in front of stone walls, you may want to get more colorful. If you are going to be in the leaves and fields, you also want to make sure you and your family stand out. Choose one constrasting color to help you achieve that.
  • Everyone should feel comfortable in their outfit. Make sure everyone tries their outfit on before hand so you know if pants are too tight or shoes hurt little ones feet. If everyone’s happy on the day of your photo shoot, it will go smoothly!
  • Skip being matchy matchy. You don’t want everyone wearing the same thing. It will look more like a uniform. Instead, choose coordinating colors and prints for your family.
  • Skip the trends. Hopefully, these photos will be on your walls for years to come so you want them to be classic and timeless.

Now onto my favorite outfits for fall family pictures!

Shades of Blue: If the leaves haven’t quite turned yet and you have a lot green trees still, try different shades of blue. I love how this family pops out from the green background.

what to wear for fall family pictures-1

Maroon and Cream: There’s nothing wrong with a little white in pictures but I personally would avoid everyone wearing it. Instead, try a cream or light tan and mix it with some maroon!

what to wear for fall family pictures-2

Purple, Yes Purple: Purple might not be the obvious choice for fall family pictures. But you know what? It works! Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.


A Pop of Mustard: I love how the pops of mustard below break up the navy and green.

what to wear for fall family pictures - 3

Stick with the Classics: There’s nothing wrong with sticking with the classic red, tan, and black for your family pictures. Instead of everyone wearing red, tan, and black, mix it up! Have some wear solids and others prints.

what to wear in fall family pictures - 5

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  1. I just picked up the boys outfits for our photos the other day! We’re going with coordinating navy/gray/cream colors this year! Great post! I love the mustard!!

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