What Would You Wear on a Night Out to a Casino?

My husband and I are headed to a local casino for a little weekend getaway. And what am I worried about? What I am going to wear!

Women always want to look their best in public and often also want to stand out from the crowd. This especially goes at night when going to bars and clubs. With the increased popularity of casinos, more women are thinking about what they should wear when they gamble. What instantly comes to mind when you think of women in a casino are big dresses and incredibly formal wear. This is not the case for most casinos these days and you will actually look out of place if you turned up wearing this kind of the attire.

Most modern casinos only expect women to wear smart casual clothes so that they do not look scruffy while still being comfortable and smart looking. This can mean a variety of things depending on what kind of style you like to wear including either a smart pair of trousers and top or a dress. The selection of outfit is completely up to you as to which kind of style you prefer the most, as long as you feel comfortable that is the most important thing as you have to spend the whole night dressed up in those clothes.

When wearing either a skirt or dress try to make sure that they are not too revealing as you may get turned away for not being smart casual. Also when wearing heels try to make sure that you’re wearing no more than mid length heels as walking round a casino could get comfortable in very high heels. And finally try to keep what you are carrying down to a minimum as playing at a casino table can sometimes be crowned and so having a large handbag or purse will get in the way.
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