What’s 2 + 2?

I already knew I suck at Math but this weekend definitely drove the point home.

Jenni and I went to IKEA for a much needed spending spree. We piled up the cart with everything needed and with a few even more things that we didn’t. Our plan was to just throw everything in and then reassess before we checked out.

As we reassessed the damage, I took out my phone to do some quick calculations. According to my math skillz I was only at $56. Well under budget! I was patting myself on the back and was very proud of myself for doing so well.

Even as the cashier was ringing everything up, I was still amazed at how well I did. Until she gave me my total. $75! What the…? How did it come to $75?!

Apparently, I can’t even add with the aid of a calculator! But I sucked it up and handed over my cash.

And I wasn’t alone. Jenni also miscalculated her total amount. Which made me feel better knowing I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t add!

I know you are dying to find out exactly what I bought, aren’t you?

Not bad for $75 right?

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  1. I'm going to make myself feel a little better and say: at least I didn't have a calculator. 😉

    Though I was off by $40, so that's not saying much, lol.

  2. dont feel bad. I dont leave my house without my scientific calculator.. yes im talkin about the rather large Texas instruments calculator.. it stays in my purse! Hahaha

  3. Despite the miscalculations, it seems like you got some good deals! Isn't Ikea the best?

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