Why I March for Babies

Since 2009, my family and I have been marching for babies. Why?

It started with this guy.

Ethan was born on May 31st at 35 weeks because I had a rare and life-threatening condition called HELLP. Ethan was a very lucky boy! With the help of some great doctors and nurses, E’s stay in the NICU was minimal { only 10 days}.

We were so very grateful for the support that we received while Ethan was in the NICU. The hospital staff, social workers, nurses and doctors were there for us 24/7. We were never made to feel like we couldn’t visit our baby or call to check in on him. When I was discharged, the nurses gave us a card with their phone numbers and schedules. They assured us that we could call whenever we wanted. When we visited E, they were always there by our sides telling us how he was doing, what to expect, what we could do.

Thankfully, after 10 long days, we got to bring our baby boy home.

Fast forward almost three years later, we received another reason to march for babies.

It continued with this guy.

Benny was born at 39 weeks and had hypoglycemia. Not to be out done by his big brother, he also had a 10 day stay in the NICU. We knew we were in good hands. Benny’s nurses were patient, compassionate, and so helpful, explaining his condition and being a shoulder to cry on. They answered questions, gave advice, and were just there when we needed someone.

Again, after 10 days, we brought our baby home.

After we brought Ethan home, we thought of ways that we could give back as a thank you for all the support we had received. We turned to the March of Dimes.

This is our fourth year Marching for Babies. We march so that one day all babies will be born healthy.

You can make a donation to my March for Babies team, HERE.

Disclosure: I am participating in a blogging promotion sponsored by Moments in Frames to help raise money for the March for Babies. Please help us reach our goal by leaving a comment. Each comment you leave me could earn $1 (up to $250) for our March for Babies team.

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  1. Such a great cause. There is nothing more important to new parents than compassion and friendliness from the nurses. You have two beautiful boys!

  2. What a beautiful post! Love the photo of your two boys together, so sweet!

    Great luck on your walk and your fundraising!

  3. What precious boys! And so worth marching for, good for you for giving back.

  4. Oh those photos bring back memories of my little one’s NICU stay. ANY length of stay in a NICU is too long, whether it’s 10 days or 2 months. But those NICU nurses sure do know how to take care of our babies! Someday, I hope no parent has to go through that torture. March for Babies is an amazing cause helping to make that happen.

    1. I am so fortunate that my babies only spent 10 days. I really admire the parents who’s babies spend weeks and months in the NICU. I, too, hope one day no parent has to endure that!

  5. I have two preemies too, though only one was in the NICU. At 35 weeks my first came home with us. At 31.5 weeks, my youngest was in the NICU for 27 days. Now I couldn’t stop them if I tried!

  6. What an amazing story! I think preemies are tougher than most because they had to fight to survive at such a young age. I was a preemie, born almost 40 years ago. Born at 26 weeks 1 lb 13 oz and I am still a fighter. It’s truly amazing what the doctors and nurses do everyday in the NICU.

    1. I’m a preemie too! It really is amazing what the doctors and nurses do every day. They are amazing!

  7. oh wow. i didnt realize from looking at your two beatuful healthy guys that they had a rough start. look at them now!

  8. From another NICU momma, great story. Glad your stay was a short one. Your babies are beautiful!! March On Momma!!! 🙂

  9. Found your sweet babies pictures on Pinterest. My baby was born 3/3/12 at 32 weeks and we stayed in the NICU for 38 days. She is suffering from SVT, we will be Marching for Babies next year when she is better. I donated to a close friend that donated Preemie clothes to us that we plan on donating to our amazing NICU staff. Great post, let them know if they need help I’d love to as well.

  10. What an amazing story! And what truly beautiful boys! Please let us know if we can help you spread the word about this wonderful cause.

  11. As someone who worked with Moms and Dads and their newborns in the NICU I appreciate all the stress and worry you faced. It’s one of the reasons I’m still active in several organizations having to do with infants and development, pre and post natal care and MFM. The stories I saw, some joyous, some tragic, some amazing miracles changed my life forever. I’m sure none of those parents ever thought about the courage their struggles gave the rest of us who were dealing with less difficult things with our families. I saw some families make it, some not. Some 14 y/o moms we thought would be clueless turn out to be great moms, while some women we expected to be able to handle things just couldn’t. It was a constant story of struggles against incredible odds many days. I don’t know how the parents did it. I don’t know how the docs and nurses did either. As a lowly research tech I saw the joy, I saw the sorrow, but most of all I saw the struggle all these parents went through, and want to give all of them a shout out for stepping up to the plate day after day in a tough situation. Moms, dads, extended family and friends… you all helped make miracles, most days.

  12. What handsome little miracles. So glad your handsome little boys get to “walk with you”.

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  14. Beautiful post from a beautiful gal, inside and out. Good luck with your walk! (And what a beautiful pic of your boys!!!)

  15. So sweet! When I was pregnant with Boston, I was the media partner for MODimes. I decided to auction my belly off for mod. I went on the radio and a car dealership payed $$$ to sponsor the ad space on my stomach. Was a fun idea! Great job. xoxo

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